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This page shows a few of the drawings I have done for others. Some for friends,
Some by commission. I will do a commission on a case by case basis. Just email me if you wish me to do one.  contact@oldrabbit.com

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These pictures are not to altered or used without explicit permission of the owner. I hope you like them . All art © by Donald L. Brown   (Oldrabbit)

A vampire in her cat form. . ..   A vampire in

   her cat form.

    Done on Commission.

Blackcat.jpg .Art ©2001 by Donald L. Brown

Two rabbits stand ready for anything. ..   Two young Rabbits

   are ready for anything.

   Done on Commission.

Characters © by Kathris aka Eric Kern.

aarabbit.jpg .Art ©2000 by Donald L. Brown

Trinsic hands Hollyann a bouquet of blue roses.   HollyAnn, and Trinsic.

   A art trade with.

    Elisa aka HollyAnn.

Characters © by Elisa Cotton.

hollyann.jpg .Art ©2000 by Donald L. Brown

This Jaguar stands with sword ready. ..   ShragJag stands ready

   with his sword.

    Done on Commission.

Character © by Sep..

ShragJag.jpg .Art ©2000 by Donald L. Brown

Two young furres hold each other close ..   Two young furres

   hold each other close.

   Done on Commission.

Characters © by Kristen Susienka

KristKats.jpg .Art ©2000 by Donald L. Brown

The bunnykids play tag with Kendall. Kendall

Kendall © by his  player Eric Goodwin .. Commissioned me to do this
one of him,and the bunnykids.. Art ©1998 by Donald Brown (Oldrabbit)

 A pegesus of a different color.              Ivie

Ivie© Rene' Goodrich .. Asked me to do this commission.. A pegasus of
a different kind.. Art ©1998 by Donald Brown (Oldrabbit)


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