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Despite its reputation for being finicky, the average cat consumes about 127,750 calories a year, nearly 28 times its own weight in food and the same amount again in liquids. In case you were wondering, cats cannot survive on a vegetarian diet.

Developed in Egypt about 5,000 years ago, the greyhound breed was known before the ninth century in England, where it was bred by aristocrats to hunt such small game as hares.

Dolphins sleep at night just below the surface of the water. They frequently rise to the surface for air.

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A cute rabbit girl smells the spring flowers.
A rabbit uses a fox for a horse.
A bunny warrior out protecting her village.
February 27, 2011

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A squirrel and his computer.

Poppa squirrel carries a big box home. He sits it down, and opens it. His wife asks. "What is it?" A computer he smiles. "We are gonna be online." His wife laughs! "You're going online. You can't even set the VCR." He steadfastly exclaims! "Just you wait. I will make it work!!."

Poppa squirrel starts to unpack the computer. He places the Monitor on the desk. Then the rest. His little girl runs up, and says. "Whatcha doing daddy?" The squirrel looks at his daughter, and says. "I am setting up our new computer." She Yays, and says "It's just like ours at school." He nods, and hunts for the instructions. The little squirrel hands her daddy a cable, and points. "This goes there daddy."

Her mother walks in, and giggles. "Come along honey. Let the expert do it." She looks at her mother, and says. "But mommy I wanna help!" Her dad ooo's at his wife's comment, and says. "Go with your mother, Tracy." She awws, and follows her mother out of the room. They can hear him grumbling as he continues looking for the instructions.

He mumbles. "I will show her." He digs through the packing till he finds the instruction sheet. "Ahh! Here it is." He grabs the keyboard cable. Then plugs it in. "Got that!" He smiles. "Now where do I plug this cable? Hummmm Maybe it fits here?" He acks as it doesn't seem to fit anyplace. "Humm Tracy was right it fits there." He continues till he feels everything is connected. He grins. "Now to turn it on."

After plugging the power cord in, He sits down at the keyboard. He ponders as he pushes the on button. There are the sounds of a fan, also the wine of the hard drive shortly afterwards. He stares at the monitor, expecting to see something. But nothing appears. He grumbles, and hunts for the trouble shooting guide.. Meanwhile Tracy runs in, and fixes the problem. Her daddy looks up, and says "What did you do?"

The little squirrel turns to her daddy with a smile, and says. "I just turned the monitor on daddy." He umms, and says "that's fine honey." He thinks. Glad the wife didn't see that. Just then his wife calls out. Supper time you two. Poppa squirrel stands up smoothing out his tail. He says "Come along Tracy. You can help me later." She yays, and runs into the kitchen. Mother squirrel asks. "Did you get the computer working?"

Poppa squirrel nods. Yes I did. "Tracy has helped me too." Tracy looks at her mom with a big smile. Her long front teeth flashing as she does. Momma squirrel spoons chestnut gravy over some carrots on her plate. then passes it to Poppa. As he does the same, She smiles at Tracy. "It's your night to help with the dishes hon." Tracy awws. "I wanna help daddy." She says You can help later. Poppa squirrel thinks. I sure could use her help.. He looks at his wife, and nods with a little smile.

Poppa squirrel pushes away from the table as he smiles. "Gotta get back to that computer" He gives his wife a hug. and says. "I enjoyed supper." She smiles. "Thank you." Tracy grabs the dishes, and takes them to the sink. Her mom calls to her. "Be careful Tracy. No more broken dishes now." She turns, and smiles. "Ok momma." Poppa heads for the living room where he turns the computer on. While it boots up He plugs the phone line into the modem connection. He thinks to his self. Now I wonder how you get on the Internet.

He thumbs through the papers that came with the computer. He follows the steps. He thinks. This should be easy as he finishes the entries. "That's done." He clicks the connect icon, and waits for the modem to dial. After a moment it does. Then he hears a voice saying "Hello Who is this?" Then hangs up, Feeling a bit embarrassed, Poppa squirrel checks the number. He acks as he spots a mistake he made. After fixing it, he tries again. This time it connects, but fails to log in. He grumbles. "Now what's wrong?." Just then Tracy runs in, and smiles "Hi daddy."

Poppa smiles "Hello Tracy." She looks up with her big brown eyes, and smiles. "Is it online daddy?" He Ummms.. "I was just setting it up." She Yea's. Can I help? He thinks, and smiles. "Ok honey, you do that. I need to see your mother for a minute." He then hands her the information, and smiles. She sits in front of the screen, and says. "We learned this in school daddy." He says. "That's fine", and turns to walk into the kitchen, nearly running into his wife.

He Umms. "Hi hon." She smirks. "So you're letting Tracy do your work huh?" "But hon, she likes to help." "Don't hon me. It was your job to make it work." He starts to tell Tracy to stop. Then turns back to his wife, and says. "I admit it. I can't make it work." She smiles as Tracy Yea's!! , and exclaims. "We are on furrynet.." She turns to Poppa squirrel, and smiles. "I forgive you dear. You only needed to admit that you're not perfect." Tracy loves so much to help you. Both parents smile as their young daughter is captivated by the new computer.
The End.

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