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A illustrated adventure story about a rabbit.

Story and Illustrations © 2001 by Donald L. Brown.
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Chips Adventure Page 7..

    A short time later the two young rabbits stand outside the huge stone temple. Chip follows his girl friend up the large stone steps, and through the entrance. She tells him to wait while she goes to retrieve the special arrows from the underground room. A few minutes later she returns with them.

    She hands the quiver of arrows to Chip, and says. “We must take these to the village. There I will place the magic potion within the arrows tips.” Chip nods as he looks at them. “How does the flame touch the potion?” Tasha points to the tip. “The tip is designed so as it strikes it’s target. It compresses, spraying the potion into the surrounding air to be exposed to the demons flame.” He ahs as he examines one..” Then I will need to hit the dragon after all.”

    She nods as they both start to leave the temple.” Yes and the roof of the mouth would be most effective. They won’t harm him. But it will place the potion in a place that will give the desired effect.” Chip nods. “That’s good, I am sure I can place a arrow there.” Yes if it was a statue, or not threatening you. But he will be moving, and trying to stop you from using the arrows.”

    After a few moments of silence he nods. “You are right. I should be careful. You know best.” She smiles. “Let’s hurry back, it’s nearly time to eat lunch, and you can spend the afternoon training more. I will prepare the potion, and the arrows will be ready by tonight.” Chip nods. “Lunch sounds good to me.” They both walk quickly back toward the village.

    Unknown to them at this time the dragon has been watching from a nearby cliff. Stired by a old memory he dives toward the two rabbits leaving the stone temple. Moments later he spreads his hot flaming breath out across the path in front of them.

    Chip grabs Tashas arm pulling her quickly behind a large rock. Where they barely escape being burnt as the flame scorches the grass along the path they were on. The dragon lands near the large rock, and laughs heavily “My breath too hot for you?”

    Chip whispers “I wish we had a arrow ready.” Tasha tells Chip to settle down as she peeks over the rock. She then says. “Demon you are not welcome here. Please leave!” The dragon snorts “I will leave when I am ready. I wish the arrows, and bow the other rabbit is carrying. Then I might leave your insignificant valley.”

    She shakes her head.. “No! They belong to our village.” As she says this, the dragon spreads his huge wings then steps forward, and with his huge fore claws he grabs the large rock. Then picks it up exposing the two rabbits, they both back up slowly as he thunders “If you value your lives you will give them to me.

    Tasha tells Chip to get ready to run while she distracts the huge beast. He looks at her with concern, and whispers“Please be careful.” Then as Tasha uses a magic powder to create a cloud of white smoke, they both run for the protection of the nearby trees. Surprised by the smoke, the dragon drops the large rock which then rolls back on one of his rear feet pinning him to the ground. He grumbles loudly while carefully moving the large rock, giving the two rabbits time to disappear into the forest.

    A few minutes later the dragon again spreads his huge wings, and quickly takes to the air. He then circles low over the trees trying to find the two young rabbits. After looking for several minutes, he thunders “Show your selves or I will destroy your village.

    Not far away under the cover of the large trees the two rabbits do their best to stay hidden. Chip turns to Tasha after hearing the dragons warning. “How long will it take to prepare the potion for the arrows? I know I can stop the dragon from harming the village.”

    Tasha looks at her young friend, and sighs. “Not long. But I fear you are not ready.” Again the thunderous voice of the dragon is heard. Chip takes her paw. “We have to try. I fear he will harm your people even if we did give him the bow, and arrows. Then we all would be at the dragon’s mercy.”

    She reaches out to hug him tight then nods. “You are right of course. I have grown to love you, and it is clouding my judgment. Come let us hurry to the village while the great beast searches for us here.” Chip hugs her back warmly. “I have grown very fond of you too Tasha.” He then nods. “I will follow you.”

    The two young rabbits hurry toward the village taking care not to let the dragon spot them. A short time later they meet two guards. She tells them to evacuate everyone from the village. As they near the village she tells all they meet about the dragon, and that they need to run for the safety of the caves.

    Upon reaching the village the air is filled with the sounds of hurried excitement as everyone quickly makes ready to leave. Tasha leads Chip toward the large house at the village center. There she says “We must hurry before the fire demon arrives.” She then leads Chip into a secret underground room under the large house. She then tells him to get all the arrows ready to fill while she mixes the potion.

.     The thunderous voice of the dragon echo's through the empty village as he flies over. "Give me the bow and arrows now!" With this Chip and Tasha step out into the clearing near the village center. Chip has the bow in his hand, with a arrow at the ready as the dragon circles overhead.

    Moments later the huge beast lands at the edge of the clearing. He looks at the two rabbits while Chip stands firm pulling the arrow back, its notch tight in the bowstring as the dragon laughs. "You think that simple arrow will stop me?"

    Chip starts to tremble with fear as the great beast starts to move toward him. He glances over at Tasha as he becomes more uncertain with each passing moment. Just then the sound of a young bunny's voice is heard calling out to Tasha."

    A second later Tina runs out into the clearing between the dragon, and Tasha. The huge beast looks down at the very small rabbit, and starts to make a grab for her. Tasha screams "Run Tina!" and dashes out trying to save her little sister from the clutches of the foul beast.

    Just as she reaches the small bunny the dragon swings his great tail around knocking them both against a rock wall. There they both lay unmoving as Chip stands not believing what has happened. The dragon then turns toward Chip , and says "Unless you wish to feel my tail as well. Drop the bow with the arrows."

    Chip looks up at the dragon; his fear now evaporated "Y. You must pay for this!" He then quickly fires a arrow straight at the dragon, for the moment he forgets that to be affective the arrow must be in the dragons flame. So as it hits the dragon chest it only glances off. But as it does so the dragon swings its tail toward the young rabbit.

    Even though the dragon’s movements are fast Chips training has made it possible to save his self by jumping clear at the last moment. After several tries the dragon roars “You won’t escape my flame.” He then blasts a large plume of flame towards the young rabbit. Chip runs then dives behind a wall, only his tail slightly singed as the flame passes over him. The dragon blows his flame toward Chip.

    Remembering what Tasha had taught him he knows when to fire an arrow at the dragon’s fiery breath. So after getting another arrow ready he pears over the wall and shouts “You couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn with that flame.” Enraged the dragon again blows another large plume of fire in the rabbit’s direction. Only this time Chip is ready, and shoots another arrow so it flies into the dragons fiery mouth where it explodes almost completely hiding the huge beast with smoke.

    Moments later the dragon roars as he tries to take to the air, but the white smoke blinds him as it still boils from his mouth. A few moments later the dragon grows sleepy while finally shaking the arrow free, after which the he staggers a bit, and then collapses to the ground falling asleep.

    Chip then runs to the wall where Tasha, and Tina lay. He kneels down eyes filling with tears as he does.. He chokes out the words. “I. I did it.. T. Tasha it worked, the dragon is sleeping.” He sobs as he strokes her soft black hair. Then he kisses her paw.

    He starts to lay Tashas paw down when he hears a soft moan coming from her. She slowly opens her eyes to see Chip kneeling next to her. She blinks "Where is the fire demon? Where is Tina? Chip tells her to lie still "Tina is right here, and the dragon is over there asleep."

    Tina stirs a little starting to cry while clinging tightly to her big sister, as Tasha manages to sit up a bit, doing her best to give comfort to Tina. Moments later she looks up, and says "I don't remember anything after running to protect Tina. I just now woke up laying here." Chip nods "The dragon hit you both with his tail. Throwing you, and Tina against this wall, I was sure you both had been killed." Tasha rubs a large bump on her head. "It's a wonder we weren't. Looks like these bushes kept us from hitting the wall directly."

    Chip nods. "Yes it's good these bushes were here." Feeling relief that Tasha, and her sister were not seriously hurt. He holds her paw, and smiles. "Can I get anything for you?" She looks up at Chip, and winces with pain as she moves reaching for her magic pouch. "Oh my, I am gonna be sore for a few days. Here Chip take this powder, and sprinkle it on the dragons head. While you do it say these words. ( I Am Your Master Now. You Must Obey My Will! )

    He looks at the powder then at Tasha. "But I thought the arrow gave us control over the dragon." She nods. "It does. But only for a while, this powder will give you control till the dragon sleeps in his lair for another hundred years. Then its power over the dragon will be gone, and another will have to tame the fire demon again. But that will be a new generation, and not our concern."

    Tina cries out "Tashie I hurt, please make it better." Tasha wipes the tears from the little bunny's eyes "Don't worry hon. I have a powder to help." Chip bites his lip a bit "Shouldn't you take care of the dragon. I don't know anything about magic." Tasha smiles "The one who used the arrow must do it. It is not hard. Just say the words. The dragon will be as sweet as our Tina is afterwards." Chip's eyes open wide "Really?" She nods. "Now hurry, and do as I say before he wakes. We don't want to go through this again." Chip shakes his head "No we don't, I don't want that dragon to ever harm you again.

    Tasha smiles as she looks up at Chip. “Thank you, now while you take care of the dragon, I will care for my sister.” Chip nods as he stands. “I won’t be long. “ He picks up the bag of magic dust then walks slowly toward the sleeping beast. Tasha gives her little sister a potion to relieve the pain of her bruises and holds her close, while she quickly falls asleep.

    As he nears the dragons head he steps quickly past its mouth, its hot breath blowing from each of its nostrils. Chips knees shake a little as he starts to open the bag of dust. Just then the great beast snorts a plume of smoke causing the young rabbit to jump back in fright.

    A few moments later Chip decides he best try again. Once more he stands next to the dragon’s massive head. Nervously he opens the bag, and starts to quickly scatter the dust from the dragon’s horns to its large nostrils. Then just to be sure he does it once more.

    The magic dust begins to glow as Chip moves back toward the wall where Tasha, and her sister sit on the ground. The young rabbits watch as the glow spreads from the dragons head to the tip of its tail. Chip turns to Tasha to ask. “Is that glow normal?” She nods. “When the glow disappears the dragon will wake, and will either be very angry, or be very friendly, depending if I got the magic right.”

    Chip blinks. “Angry? You never said anything about that. Shouldn’t we seek shelter?” Tasha shakes her head. “Take my sister to the caves. My ankle is badly sprained or broke. So I would only slow you down.. Chip sets Tina behind the wall, and then grabs Tasha by the arm. “The wall will hide us, and if need be I will lead him away.. I am not leaving you here alone.”

    As he helps her to the other side of the wall Tasha starts to cry. Chip tries to be very careful not to hurt her. “I am sorry if I have hurt your ankle.” As he sits her down behind the wall she smiles through her tears. “It’s not my ankle. It’s your caring that has brought tears of joy. I couldn’t be happier.”

    Feeling a little confused. He sits next to her. He holds her close to say. “I care very much for you.” He then kisses her cheek. “I wish you to be my wife if you will have me.” She looks up at him with her big brown eyes. Tears flowing down her cheeks she chokes out the words. “Yes I would love to be your wife.”

    From the other side of the wall they hear the dragon sneeze. Causing a great plume of flame nearly exploding from its mouth followed by a great roar, and a rush of wind as the dragon spreads its great wings. Protected only by the wall, the two rabbits look at each other not sure what to expect next.

    Moments later the huge beast flies over the wall, and lands in front of them. There he stands. His great head drops till it is only a couple of meters away. Chip holds Tasha tight as he looks up at the dragon, and stutters "p-please d-don't h-hurt us s-sir."

    The dragon wrinkles his nostrils then takes a deep breath while raising his head high. He again sneezes. After which he rubs his nostrils with his fore paw before moving close to the two rabbits again. With this Chip tries his best to shield Tasha, and Tina with his body as the great beast tilts his head one way then the other, and asks with an amazingly soft voice "Why would I want to hurt you small master?"

    Chip slowly opens his eyes, and looks up at the dragon, not sure what to say. Tasha leans over, and whispers "Tell him to wait for us at the temple across the valley." Chip ums "Dragon please fly to the temple." He points as he says this. The great beast nods, then spreads his huge wings and immediately lifts off the ground sending dust, and gravel flying. The resulting dust cloud causes the two rabbits to quickly cover their eyes.

    Moments later they watch as the dragon flies toward the distant temple. Chip sighs with relief as he turns to Tasha. "It worked! It really worked!! I can't believe the dragon thinks of me as its master." She hugs him tight. "Yes, that's part of the magic hon. He will do anything you ask of him. Even to carry you on his back in flight if you wish."

    Chip stands up then thinks for a minute. “You think he would carry us both?” She nods. “He could carry two easy hon.” The young rabbit smiles. Then as soon as your ankle is better we will have the dragon take us to the valley below your mountain. There we can explain to them that the dragon is no longer a threat to them.”

    Tasha smiles as she looks up at Chip. “You should go now. They will be wondering about you, and of the dragon. When I am better we can visit your friends together.” He nods. “If you think I can handle the dragon. But I will wait till the village people return. I don’t want to leave you here alone. Let me help you, and Tina into your house.”

    She nods as he carefully helps her up. Leaving Tina sleeping next to the wall as he half carries Tasha into her home, and makes her comfortable on a cot. He then returns to carry the little bunny where Tasha wishes him to put her. The two young rabbits sit next to each other talking till Tashas father came home.

    The elder rabbit notices she has been injured, and asks about the dragon, and how she was hurt. After hearing what had happened. He smiles at the young rabbit. “You have saved my daughters, and our village young man. You may have anything you wish.“ Chip looks at the older rabbit, then at Tasha. “I would like to live here, and take your daughter as my mate.” Tashas eyes sparkle with excitement as Chip speaks with her father.

    Dinre looks very stern while the young rabbit asks for his daughter’s hand. He breaks into a broad smile, and takes Chips paw with his. “I can tell my Tasha has chosen well. You are welcome to live here, and take my daughter as your mate.”

    Chip can hardly contain his self as her father agrees. He then sits close to Tasha, and holds her with a hug as he kisses, and nuzzles her cheek, She responds with the same. Dinre smiles then walks out of the room not wishing to let them see the tears in his eyes. A short time later Tasha yawns “I feel I should rest, and you should have the dragon take you to see your friends.” Chip smiles a bit. “I think they will be very surprised to see me riding the dragon.” She kisses his nose, then giggles a bit “Yes as I would have been hon. “

    Chip returns the kiss then stands making ready to leave “I will leave now, but I will return by morning.” Tasha rubs her ankle a little “I think my ankle is only sprained, and not broken. So you need not worry, just be careful I will miss you a lot. ” He stops to look back just before opening the door to leave. “I am relieved to know you’re not seriously hurt, I will miss you too, bye for now.” They both throw kisses to each other, and he quickly steps out the door. Tasha sighs looking forward to Chips return, and soon is fast asleep.

    Her father walks through later, and covers her with a blanket, then checks on Tina who is still sleeping soundly. He smiles thinking about the grandchildren he hopes to have someday soon. He quietly leaves them both sleeping, and steps out just in time to see the dragon fly over with the young rabbit clinging to its back.

    Chip waves to Dinre as the dragon flies over the village then turns toward the distant valley as he holds on tight, the wind laying his long ears back behind his head. The dragon turns his head, and asks “You holding on ok small master?” Chip shouts back “Yes I think so. But it will take some getting used to, though.” The dragon ahs, and nods “We will be there soon small master.”

    Just as the dragon breaks over the ridge at the north end of the valley the young rabbit shouts “There!! Land near that small farm at this end of the valley.” The dragon flies low over the farm, then turns to land near Macs house. The dragon helps Chip down, and then waits while the young rabbit walks to the house.

    By this time it is late afternoon. The young rabbit knocks on the skunk’s door. Moments later the door opens with a large grin from his skunk friend “Chip! How have you been young fellow? It’s been almost two months since you left with that young mountain girl. Come on in, the soup will be ready soon if your hungry.”

    Chip smiles “A lot has happened, and.. “ Mac interrupts to say. “I hope you haven’t had any problems with that dragon. He has been terrorizing the valley the last few weeks.” The young rabbit listens to the skunk as he follows him in. Moments later he smiles” Don’t worry about the dragon Mac. He won’t be a problem anymore. “ Just then they hear shouting outside. They both run out to see what is happening, and run into Sidney, and Tim who push them back inside.

    Mac asks “What’s the big deal you two?” Still panting a bit the fox exclaims “We just saw the dragon lying behind your house Mac. Who knows what that creature is planning now?” Chip ums “The dragon isn’t going to bother anyone.” Mac, and the others continue talking as Chip tries once more to interrupt. “Please! I will show you.” He then steps toward the door. Still the others don’t hear or notice the young rabbit. He grumbles. “I guess I will just have to show them.”

    Just as Chip closes the door behind him, Sidney interrupts “Hey!! Wasn’t that the rabbit that just went out?” Tim and Mac look at each other for a moment. Tim says “Didn’t he say something about the dragon?” Mac nods “I think so.”

    The three friends look at each other for a minute or so, and then the skunk walks to the door, and says “Well I can’t just stay here, I am going to see what he is up to, and after all I owe him my help.” The other two watch as the skunk quickly goes out the door.”

    Sidney turns to the raccoon “Think we should follow?” Tim shakes his head “Nope.. If those two wish to get toasted they can. I am staying right here “Sidney nods “Your right I guess. But I can’t just stand here not knowing.” He then heads for the door. Tim shakes his head muttering to his self “That rabbit will get us killed yet.” and follows the fox out the door.

    They spot Mac as he disappears around to the side of his house, and carefully follow along. Ahead Mac thinks to his self. “I wonder why that young fellow left the way he did.” He then turns to go around behind his home. Just as he turns the corner he spots Chip, and calls out to him with no answer, then hurries to catch up.

    As Mac hurries to catch up he spots the dragon sleeping near a tree, and alsonotices the rabbit walking towards the large beast. A moment later the dragon raises its huge head to look at Chip, and then reaches out as if to grab him with its large claws. Mac shouts as he makes a running leap trying to save the rabbit from the dragons clutches.

    The young rabbit tries to jump clear just as the skunk tackles him. Moments later as they both lay on the ground the dragon reaches out to grab the skunk. Mac cries out “Run young fellow!!” And tries to get away, but before he can he is grabbed by the leg. The dragon lifts him off the ground, and asks “Do you wish me to get rid of him, small master?”

    At the side of Macs house, the fox, and raccoon gasp as they see the skunk squirming in the dragons grasp, and the rabbit lying on the ground near them. Sidney turns to Tim “We must do something!” The raccoon just shakes his head. “There is nothing we can do now. I am sure the dragon will finish them both in a moment.”

    Still hanging upside down the skunk can’t believe his ears as he hears the dragon call Chip his master. Sidney looks at Tim “Did we hear that dragon call Chip his master?” The raccoon just nods as he stares not really believing his eyes or ears for that matter.

    Standing up the young rabbit steps toward the huge dragon, and calls out. “Put him down, the skunk is my friend along with those two over by that house.” The great beast nods its head. “As you wish small master” then releases the skunk. After checking to see if Mac is well the rabbit instructs the dragon to wait nearby.

    After the great beast moves away, the fox, and raccoon continue to keep their distance as Chip helps the skunk to his feet. Still shaking from his experience, he says “I.. I just knew I was a goner young fellow. I still can’t believe that dragon treats you as its master.”

    Moments later Chip calls out to the others that they need not worry then he, and the skunk walk over to join them. Tim grabs the skunk’s hand, and then gives him a hug. “I just knew you, and the rabbit were goners my friend.” Sidney nods in agreement as he shakes the rabbits hand as well.

    Tim runs a finger along the underside of his chin for a moment. Then turns to the young rabbit, and says “Rabbit I misjudged you. It must have taken much hard work, and courage to tame that foul beast.” Chip smiles “Tasha deserves the entire credit sir. She taught me how to use the bow, and the magic that made this all possible. The dragon is no longer a threat. In fact you are all invited to our wedding at her village in the mountains.”

    Sidney scratches a ear as he responds “Thank you, I would be glad to go.” Mac nods “I too would like to go also.” Tim shakes his head “I would go but I couldn’t ask my wife to make such a hard journey.

    Chip smiles “It is only a hour by air.” Mac’s eyes grow wide “Um.. You mean by dragon?” The young rabbit nods “Yes, and I have found it quite enjoyable once you get used to it.” Sidney smiles “Interesting, how is it done.. That is how do you ride the dragon?” Tim shakes his head “neither I nor my wife want any part of that dragon. But rabbit, you’re welcome to visit us anytime.”

    The small group continues chatting for a time, and then as Chip starts to leave he says. “Remember the wedding is planned to be sometime early next month.” Tim nods “keep our offer in mind to have the wedding here Chip.” The young rabbit nods “I will ask Tasha, if she agrees we will. Take care all.” His friends wave as he leaves. A few minutes later they watch as the dragon lifts into the air with the young rabbit riding on its back, and continue watching till they disappear over the nearest mountain ridge.

    The growing shadows of nightfall are sweeping across the small valley as they fly over the last ridge. Chip instructs the dragon to land at the edge of the village then to stay near the temple at the other side of the small valley for sleeping, and rest.

    Chip hurries toward the center of the village waving to those who greet him. A few minutes later he is knocking on the Elder rabbit’s door. He is greeted by Tina who smiles with a hello, she then shows him to where Tasha is resting. They greet happily with Tina giggling nearby. Tasha threatens the little bunny with a pillow, and smiles as she runs from the room.

    As the young rabbit sits next to her she asks “Did you have a pleasant trip love?” Chip nods. “They were very surprised to see the dragon under my control, but happy to know the great beast will no longer be a threat. I also invited them to come to our wedding, but I fear only the fox, and my skunk friend has said they would.” She nods “Well riding the dragon is not something many would be willing to try, and on foot it is a hard journey.” Chip nods “They did offer to give us a very nice wedding to show their appreciation, but I told them it would be your choice.” After giving the young rabbit a big hug, Tasha lays her head on his shoulder, and says “That is very kind of them.”

    Chip smiles “and how are you? Feeling better I hope?” She nods “A bit better. I am still plenty sore, but father has been looking after me.” Chip smiles “I am glad you are doing better. You should get some sleep, and I will be nearby if you need anything.” She nods, and they give each other a kiss, after which he leaves for the night.

    Over the next couple of weeks Chip and the others look after Tasha for all her needs while she recovers. Then one morning Chip is surprised with a bit of water in the face. He shakes the water from his fur, and smiles up at Tasha. “I am going to get you. “ He jumps up, and chases after her threatening to tickle her silly.

    They both laugh running about the room till Dinre comes into the room, and scolds them both. “You two should act your age, not like young bunnies.” They look at each other smiling a bit as the elder rabbit speaks. Tasha walks up to her father “Father I wish to have my wedding outside our valley. Chips friends have offered to give us one in appreciation.” The elder rabbit turns toward Tasha, his face showing little emotion as he looks at his daughter, then at Chip.

    With a bit of sadness in his eyes the elder rabbit gives his daughter a hug. “If that is your wish girl, but you must return after so the villagers can give you, and Chip a party.” She nods “We will, I wouldn’t miss it father.” Dinre smiles “Then you may have your wedding with Chips friends, and we will ready a celebration here for when you and Chip return.”
    Chip offers his paw to the elder rabbit, and smiles. “Thank you sir I have found the people here very nice, and plan stay here.” Tashas father smiles “It fills my heart with joy to hear you say that” With that Dinre pats the young rabbit on his back.

    Tasha gives her father a big hug, and kiss on the cheek. “Thank you father” Then hugs Chip tightly then says. “We will leave tomorrow to see Chips friends, plan the wedding, and set the date, and then Chip will return to get you, and Tina.

    “Dinre ums, I am not sure if Tina will want to ride that dragon or not.” Tasha smiles “She will love it father, I already asked her.“ She smiles at Chip then looks at the tight lipped elder rabbit “Chip please go find Tina while I talk to my father.” Chip nods “Ok Tasha.” He then leaves the room.

    Tasha gives her father a hug. “Your afraid of the dragon aren’t you?” Dinre doesn’t say anything for a few minutes, then slowly nods. “Yes, I am not a young rabbit, and I am not sure I will be strong enough to safely ride the beast. Also I am not sure I wish Tina to either, besides I need to help prepare the celebration when you return.

    Tasha smiles “I understand, But once on the great beast you cannot fall. The dragon would never do anything to harm you or Tina, besides you will be with Chip. The dragon lives to protect him, and his friends.” Dinre thinks a bit longer, then smiles at her “Alright then, Tina, and I will return with Chip aboard the dragon.”

    With this Tasha smiles, and kisses her fathers cheek just as Tina runs in with Chip close behind. She runs up to the elder rabbit, and says “Hi father, Hi Tasha! Chip said you wished to see me.” Her large brown eyes sparkle as she waits for a answer.

    Dinre sits on a chair, and then lets Tina sit on his lap as he explains. “We will go to your sisters wedding in the distant valley.” The little bunny can hardly sit still as she Yeas!! She jumps down, and runs to her sister “When is the wedding?” Tasha smiles “In a few days Tina, Chip will come to get you and father when it is time.”

    The little bunny smiles “Are we going to ride the dragon with Chip?” The elder rabbit nods “Yes little one, and you must sit very still when we do.” Tasha smiles as she hugs Chip “You can ride between father, and your new brother to be.” Tina gives Chip a big hug “I am happy that you will be my new brother.” The young rabbit smiles “I am happy to have you as my new sister too. They all continue making plans as the two young rabbits make ready to visit the large valley the next day.

Continued once or twice a week.
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