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A illustrated adventure story about a rabbit.

Story and Illustrations © 2001 by Donald L. Brown.
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Chips Adventure Page 4..

     Chip sighs as the rain soaks his fur ,and clothing.  Still feeling bad that he has caused so much trouble for the others he stops to wipe the tears from his eyes.  Not that anyone could tell being so wet from the rain.

     Watching the others disappear around a bend in the trail. He begins to feel they might be better off without him as he starts walking again. The rain blurs his vision, causing him to take the wrong path. After a several minutes the rain again stops as he wonders why he hasn't caught up to the others. He stops to look around. Not being able to see very far with all the trees. He decides to continue on. A few minutes later he begins to think the others maybe wanting to get rid of him.  He starts to get scared, and calls out. "Can anyone hear me?  Help me please."
     Meanwhile the others stop to rest, and notice that the rabbit is not with them. Tim shakes his head, and says."Now where is that rabbit." Sidney turns to Tim, and says. "Last I knew he was following Mac." Mac wrings the water from his tail, and nods. "I hope he didn't get lost. With the rain he might have gotten off the trail." Sidney nods. "Your right. There is a old path that splits off the main trail about a half a kilometer back. If he took that, he could be in danger. That path is very rough, and steep in places."

     Tim sighs, and nods. "I think that old path comes back into this trail in a couple  kilometers or so." Sidney nods. "Yes, your right.. I will go back ,and see if I can find him on the old path. You guys go on, and try to work your way back from the other end."  We can meet along the path. Tim nods. "Sounds good to me, Sidney. ". Tim, and Mac wave to the fox as he hurries  back along the trail..
       Chip continues shouting for help. Not knowing the others are searching for him. He  decides to continue along the path which by now is getting rough, and very steep. Even though he tries to be very careful he loses his footing, and slides off the path down a short, but steep slope.

     After a rough fall he opens his eyes, and looks up towards the path, then looks at his self. "At least I didn't break anything." Slipping, and sliding he makes it back up to the path where he decides to sit on a rock for a while. Upon hearing  a noise below him he looks trying to see what it might be. He calls out."Any one there?"  He listens, hoping to hear a response. Chip decides he better continue on not knowing what might be causing the noise.

     Tim, and Mac watch for the place that the path rejoins the trail. Mac comments."I hope Sidney has found Chip."  Tim nods. "Me too. That path is nearly vertical in some places, and cliff edges with drops of nearly 400 meters. We might never find him if he falls, or  leaves the path for any reason."  Mac nods, and points. "There it is.." Tim agrees as they both take the steep path.

     Walking further along the path. The sun breaks through spreading sunlight across the mountainside.  Chip smiles as the warm sunshine strikes him, and says. "This is much better." Then he hears someone singing in the distance. Almost enchanting in it's quality. Chip scans the forest for it's source, hoping to see who it might be.

     Being distracted he steps on a loose rock, causing him to slip, and fall through a bush that was hiding the edge of a high cliff.  Crying out loudly for help, he desperately claws at the bush, and cliff edge. The cruel rocks far below wait to seal his fate if his grip fails.
     The sound of the rabbits cries for help reach the ears of the individual that Chip heard singing. She looks all around, and spots the rabbit hanging from the edge of the cliff, just a little above her. She shouts"Hold on. I am coming." as she quickly runs up the path.

     Chips cries become frantic as his fingers grow tired. His short life seems to flash past him as he tightly closes his eyes, not wishing to see the end coming. Then just as he felt he could hold on no more. He feels a strong hand tightly grasp one of his wrists.

     His rescuer crouches close as she pulls hard, speaking in a soft but firm voice. "I have you. Now try to climb up.". Though small in form. this furre is strong from the hard mountain life, and with her help. Chip scrambles up, and is soon laying on the path.  His eyes still closed, and shaking all over from fright.

     She smiles as she looks at the young rabbit. Thinking to herself. "I wonder if he is lost".    Just then in the distance she hears Sidney coming down the path.  Not sure of the foxes intentions she disappears into the woods.  Moments later Chip opens his eyes, and sits up. He looks around wondering where his rescuer went.

     Sidney finds the rabbit still sitting on the path, and smiles. "Hey rabbit are you lost?" He then notices where the bush was nearly torn from it's roots at the edge of the cliff. He then adds. "You ok? Looks like you or someone nearly fell." Still a bit shaky, Chip struggles to stand as Sidney takes his paw. "Hold on Chip. Let me help you." He then walks the rabbit to a safer spot on the path.

     Chip sits down on a large rock, and relates what had happened to the fox.  "I don't know the name of the furre who rescued me. I wish she had stayed. I really wanted to thank her for saving my life.."

       Sidney smiles."There are a few groups of furres living in these mountains. Most don't trust outsiders.. But usually will help others when needed. You won't find her unless she wishes it."   Chip sighs as he listens to the fox.. He then stands up, and shouts.. "Please whoever saved me, Thank you.  I owe you my life, and if there is anything I can do for you. Just ask."  The fox smiles. "There is a good chance she heard you. We should go. The others are back tracking this path, and we should meet them soon."

     Chip nods."Ok.. Let's go. I am sorry I caused you all so much trouble. " Sidney smiles. "Hey don't worry about it. The mountains are tough even for experienced furres.." Next time just stay put if you get lost. Chip nods as he, and the fox work their way along the path.  Nearby in the woods. The girl smiles as she hears the rabbits words, and thinks she will follow these strangers for a while.

     Soon they meet up with the raccoon, and skunk. Mac smiles. "It's good to see you young fellow. We were worried about you.".  Tim nods. "We were hoping Sidney would find you safe." The fox nods. "Seems our friend here nearly fell from a cliff. But was rescued by a mountain furre."

     Tim ohs. "Any one we know?" Sidney shakes his head."Don't know. But Chip said it was a female." Tim nods."Well rabbit. Your a lucky fellow. The mountain folk are few, and don't often help a stranger." Mac grins. "The rabbit probably caught the gals eye. " Tim heh's. "Could be." But we need to go. We have lost too much time now.. " Chip turns away a little as he feels a bit of embarrassment. Then says. "I am sorry I got lost."  Mac pats the rabbit on the shoulder, and smiles."It's ok. We all make mistakes."

     The raccoon just shakes his head, and says."Let's go. " The others agree as they carefully walk back toward the trail.  Staying just out of sight. The girl follows along. Not knowing why they are in such a hurry. But hopes she will get a chance to see the rabbit alone once more.
       A short time later the small group makes it to the main trail, and since the weather has improved. They are able to make good time while the girl continues to follow along. Her knowledge of the mountain allow her to keep up easily. With all the delays of weather ,and Chip's being lost. It's late afternoon before they reach the footbridge.

     The raccoon looks at the sky, and says."We better camp here. It's gonna be dark soon, and even though Sidneys farm is only a couple hours from here. I don't want to walk the trail at night." Sidney nods."You guys stay here. I will run on back to my farm. I walk the trail near my place at night quite often.."  Tim, and the others nod, and wish him well as the fox heads quickly across the footbridge, and on for home.

     Chip scans the area, wondering if he will ever see the girl that saved him. Mac walks up, and smiles. "Looking for someone young fellow?" Chip sighs. "I am not sure. I guess kinda hoping I would see that girl again."  Mac pats the rabbits shoulder, and says."It's hard to say. Most mountain folk stay close to home. But I have seen a few come down to the village in the past. So it's possible."  Chip nods as they both help Tim set up camp. Then says."I really  hope she does."

     A short distance away the girl watches the fox cross the bridge. Then while watching the others make camp. She decides she will sleep in a small cave nearby. So after making a soft bed of pine branches, and leaves, it is nearly dark. This allows her to get very close, as she hopes to find out why they are here.

    The raccoon pours his self another cup of coffee, and says to Mac. "We should be at Lacy's house by noon." Mac nods."Lacy will help us spread the word." Tim sips a bit of coffee as he watches the rabbit walk over to view the volcano. He turns to the skunk, and nods. "Yes. "That gal knows nearly every furre in the valley. "

     The skunk nods as makes his self a cheese sandwich with crackers then lays out his bed roll, sits to eat, and drink some coffee. He smiles at Tim. "If things work out. I probably should visit Lacy. She does make a tasty apple pie."

     Tim grins. "I think you , and Lacy would make a fine couple.  I know Charlotte would love to see the two of you together. " Mac shakes his head, and says."I must admit It would be nice to have someone to share my life with.. The raccoon nods as he lays out his bedroll also.

     Mac finishes the cheese, and cracker sandwich. Then sips some coffee to wash it down. Then stands to walk over to visit with the rabbi a bit before he calls it a night. Tim calls out to the both of them saying he was going to bed.  Mac nods. "Goodnight. Tim."

     In the bushes nearby the young lady watches as the raccoon, and a few minutes later the skunk go to bed.  She quietly works her way around till she is near the rabbit.  She slips up behind him just as he turns they meet nose to nose. She covers his mouth as he starts to cry out."Quiet please brother rabbit. Is Chip your name?"
    Chip nods as the girl takes his paw, and leads him a short distance into the woods. She then tells him to sit with her on a old log.  Chip tries to express his gratitude for saving his life. She just smiles as he does. Then asks."Do you have a mate?" Chip stutters."I..I..I am afraid I am alone. Could I ask your name?"

     The young bunny girls eyes brighten with this, and says..."I am called Tasha.  Do you like?"  Chip smiles."Yes, It is a pretty name. " Tasha then smiles."Thank you Chip. You have a   pretty name too. What brings you, and your friends to our mountains?"

     Still feeling a little bashful. Chip tells Tasha about the dragon, and what it has demanded of the valley furres.   Eyes flashing Tasha jumps up, and nearly shouts."That dragon has no right!!"  Startled, Chip falls backward off of the log.  She "Ohhs!" Then reaches out to help him up."You alright Chip?"  Chip, feeling embarrassed, nods his head. "Yes, I am ok. You surprised me." He then takes her paw to get up.

     As they sit back down he comments."I also don't feel the dragon has the right to make those demands. But I am afraid he has the might, and power to enforce them.."  The girl shakes her head, then turns to face the volcano."The dragon can be defeated. It is written in our peoples history that a fire demon will again arise from the burning mountain. It is also written how to defeat, and seal it back in it's fiery lair.".

    Chips eyes grow wide as he listens. Then exclaims."But how could such a huge creature be defeated?"  Tasha turns back to look at Chip, and smiles. "It is written that a furre pure of heart can use the magic arrows to defeat the fire demon." Chip shudders. "We can't just kill him!" Tasha shakes her head."The arrows cannot kill him. But they are tipped with a potion that tames the creature. Then we can just command it to return to it's lair. There the dragon will sleep for another century or more."

     The image of the dragon lingers in Chips mind as he says."Do you know of such a furre that can shoot the dragon?" The bunny girl smiles as she pulls a small red root from a cloth pouch."Here eat this." Chip takes the root, and smells it."Uh.. What is it.?" She responds with a firm voice. "Just eat it. Please." Chip nods wishing to be helpful, takes a bite. Then finishes it."That was good, Thank you."

     Tasha watches the young rabbit eat, and smiles. "I am glad you liked it. I must confess I am testing you." Chip gulps. "What will it do to me?" The young girl giggles. "Don't worry. It is a magic root. It tests to see if you are pure of heart. It would have turned your eyes red for a few minutes if you were not."

     Chip blinks his eyes,"Did they turn red?" Tasha smiles. "No. But I best take a closer look. Hold still now. "She scoots up close till her nose is nearly touching his. "They still look brown to me." Chip feeling a little bashful  moves back a little saying.. "I am glad. But I think we should tell the others. I am sure they know of a good archer."

     She shakes her head."No, I already know of the one that will use the magic arrows" Chip stands looking back at her."Great. But we should tell my friends of your plan." Tasha stands. "Yes they should know. We can go now." He nods as they both walk toward the campsite.

     As they walk, he asks. "Why did you ask me if I had a mate." Tasha looks up."I find I am attracted to you, and did not wish to become close if you did." Chip reaches out, taking her paw, then says."You really like me?" Tasha nods as she looks fondly at the young rabbit. Chip continues."I have been alone since I was a small bunny.  It is my dream to find someone like you." She smiles. "Then I hope you like me too." Chip smiles. . "I.. I really feel I do." She reaches out to him, and they both  hug tightly.

     Tasha kisses his nose, and smiles."It is late, and you should get some sleep. We will talk with the others in the morning." He smiles at the kiss, and nods."You are right. It is late. " She smiles. "I will see you in the morning." Chip responds."See you in then." He watches as she disappears into the darkness.

     He then returns to the campsite. Mac comments. "You ok young fellow?" Chip nods with a smile."Better than I have been in a long time." He then wishes Mac goodnight, and slips under his blanket. Mac responds, goodnight, wondering what the rabbit meant. But decides he is too tired to ask, and soon falls asleep.
     Tasha watches them from a distance. After returning to the cave to sleep. She thinks about the dragon, and knows there will be danger if they fail.  She cries a little fearing for Chips life. Then falls asleep as well.

     The day breaks bright, and clear the next morning. Tim yawns, and stretches as he sits up.   Mac stirs as he hears the raccoon making the coffee. He sits up scratching his head fur, and says.."Morning Tim" The raccoon nods. "Morning Mac, Did you sleep well?" The skunk looks over at the rabbit, and nods.."But I don't know about the young fellow here. He didn't get to bed till late, and said something about feeling good."
     Tim shakes his head. "Well that's better than feeling bad." With this Chip also stirs. His whiskers twitch as he smells the coffee brewing. He sits up rubbing the sleep from his eyes. Then looks all around the campsite.. Mac smiles. "Morning young fellow. Did you loose something?" Chip nods morning, then gets up, and shakes his head, No."But the girl that saved me said she would be here this morning."

     The raccoon blinks."I haven't seen anyone. Sure you didn't just dream she would be here." Chip shakes his head."It wasn't a dream. I just know it wasn't." Mac pats the rabbit on the back. "Don't worry, It's still early. She may show up yet."  Chip walks towards the spot he last saw her the night before, and shouts. "Tasha!!!"

     The young rabbit walks out into the clearing, and says."Please. You don't need to shout."  Tim smiles as he, and the skunk walk up. . Chip points to the raccoon, and skunk."Tasha, these are my friends. Tim Pal, and ..." The skunk holds out his paw." Folks just call me Mac." Tim also holds out his paw in greeting. "Come join us for a bit of coffee."

     She shakes their paws, and they all walk over by the fire. Chip smiles. "We only have black coffee. I hope that is alright." Tasha smiles. "That will be fine." Chip smiles. "Here I have a extra cup. " He hands it to her after filling it. She smiles as she sits near him. Mac, and Tim refill their cups before sitting down as well.

     Tim asks. "Have you seen the dragon."  Tasha nods. "Yes I have, and Chip told me about the demands the demon has made of the valley folk.. This is wrong." Tim nods. "But until we can find a defense. I fear we must try to meet them. Or loose our farms, and be run from the valley." Mac nods with agreement.

     She sips a bit of her coffee as she listens. Then responds. "Our peoples history speaks of the fire demon, and how to defeat him. " She smiles at Chip ."I told my friend Chip this." Tims eyes grow wide with Tashas words, and says."How can this be done ?"  She responds. "With arrows"

     Tim shakes his head."No arrow I know of would break the skin of that beast." She nods. "No normal arrow. But one dipped into a special magic potion will, and it will tame the demon. So we can control it." The raccoon looks at the girl. "I am sorry miss, but I can't turn this over to your magic. We must tell the valley folk. It must be their choice."

Continued once or twice a week.
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