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A illustrated adventure story about a rabbit.

Story and Illustrations © 2001 by Donald L. Brown.
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Chips Adventure Page 3..

        The late evening sky is filled with the stars of spring as Chip watches the glow from the volcano. . A shower of glowing rocks can be seen near the top. Then  a short time later the sound of  a low rumble reaches his ears. Mac walks up, and says. "It's rather scary isn't it." Chip startled jumps a bit,  and says."Yes. It's making me a little edgy . But it's my nature I guess."Chip, and Mac watch the distant volcano.

        Mac pats Chip on the back, and says. "Don't let it bother you young fellow. Any fur in his or her right mind would feel the same near a active volcano.  Come, It's been a long day. We should get some sleep." Chip nods saying. "Your right." They both walk back to camp, and shortly after are fast asleep.

        Chip wakes feeling Tims paw shaking him. As he sits up, he can see the first light of dawn as it stretches across the valley to the south. Tim remarks. "Time to get up rabbit." He yawns as he nods to Tim. Then as he rubs the sleep from his eyes. His nose catches the smell of coffee brewing.

        Mac offers to pour Chip a cup of coffee as he sits near the fire.. He then says. "Yes, thank you." Sid looks over at the rabbit, and says. " Mac told me how you saved him. I want to say that your welcome to stay in our valley." Tim, and Mac both agree. Chip smiles, as Mac hands him a cup of coffee, and says. "I was glad I could do it.. Sid then remarks."Well we need furs like you in our valley young fellow."

        Tim speaks up."That is if we still have a valley to live in." The sound of the volcano rumbling is heard as Tim reminds them that they still may have a dragon to deal with. Sid notes "Your right, and we better finish our breakfast, and be on our way."

        Mac looks toward the volcano, and says. "I hope Scar settles down. With all this activity we could get caught in a rock slide." The others nod in agreement as they finish their meal, and begin to break camp. Each helping the other with their packs.

        A short time later the little group walks single file along the narrow trail. The smoke from the volcanos crater can be seen through the trees as the trail climbs ever higher. To the south the valley floor stretches to the southern pass. Where a large lake formed by a natural dam flows out of the valley.

        Chip stops to look at the vista, and remarks. "The valley sure is beautiful from here." Sidney nods. "It sure is, young fellow." Tim comments."Hope we can keep it this way." Mac points, and says. "Yes, and Isn't that the outcrop where the dragons cave is?

        Tim looks where Mac is pointing and nods. "That's it I am sure. But it's still to far away to see if the cave is open or not." Mac nods. "We should be able to tell in a couple of hours." Tim nods in agreement as a small earthquake shakes the ground. A moment later a loud rumble is heard from the crater above.

        Chip looks up as he exclaims."Is it erupting?" Sidney shakes his head no."Ole Scar is just letting off a little steam, rabbit. It's been doing that for the last few days." Chip swallows with a gulp."It's making me jumpy." Tim grins at the rabbit as another much stronger quake hits causing the raccoon to grab a small tree to keep his balance. The four look at each other as a low rumble grows louder from above. Mac cries out loudly."It's a rock slide!! Run for your lives."
        Sidney runs up the trail shouting there is a rock ledge just around the next bend. The others chase after him just as the first large rock crashes past just missing the raccoons tail. Chip turns to look as Mac grabs the rabbits arm, pulling him out of the path of a falling tree struck by a huge boulder. Two more large rocks bounce past them just as they dives under the rock ledge.

        Moments later Tim dives in after them just as a massive number of stones, and boulders crash past them. The four cling to each other as the slide continues with huge boulders crashing against and off of the protective ledge. Creating a great deal of noise , and dust as well.

        Some minutes later after what seemed like forever. The raccoon, and fox poke their heads  out followed by the skunk.  Sidney brushes the dust from his clothes, and fur as he looks around. Tim also dusts his fur, and clothes..saying."We were very lucky" Sidney nods as he climbs over the large rocks. Mac sneezes from the dust as he cleans his own self, and agrees.

        Mac then notices that Chip hasn't come out yet. He turns, and calls to the rabbit. "You gonna stay under there all day?" Chip doesn't seem to hear as he continues to sit with his paws over his head. The skunk crawls back under the ledge, and says. "Come on out  young fellow. It's ok, The slide is over." The small group look around after the slide has passed.

        Shaking, with fright. Chip slowly uncovers his head. Eyes blinking from the dust he turns to the skunk, and says. "I .. I am sorry. I was so afraid I couldn't move." Mac smiles."It's ok young fellow.  I think we all were feeling the same way there for a while." As  Mac helps him get out from under the ledge they find Tim, and Sidney looking at the sky.
        As Chip stands to brush the dust from his clothes. The sun is blocked for a moment by large flying object. He looks up trying to see the object, but it's blocked by the trees.  Then says." What was that?" Tim looks at the other three, and with a shaky voice he says. "I think it was the dragon."

        Mac blinks. "Do you really think so?" Tim nods. "I am afraid so. Or a very large bird." Sidney rubs his nose a little, and nods. "I didn't get a good look either, But I feel it was the dragon also, and I haven't seen any birds that large in the valley.".

        Chip continues to search the sky while listening to the others. He climbs up on a large rock hoping to see better. Mac shouts."See anything, young fellow?" The rabbit shakes his head no, and climbs back down. As he does. Tim remarks. "We best continue. With luck we should reach the cave by late afternoon."

        Sid agrees, and the four work their way over the rock strewn trail. After only a short distance the trail is clear, and it's easy going again. Chip, and the others keep a eye to the sky as they continue along the trail. The outcrop on Scar mtn growing larger each time it comes into view.

        Finally, as the trail breaks out in to a large clearing, Tim points saying. "There! You can see the cave. It appears to be open don't you think?" Mac responds. "Yes I think so. It looks like it's open for sure."  Sidney shakes his head. "It's still hard to.. to... ." The fox seems to loose his voice as he stutters.. "It..It .. it's." Just then a huge winged dragon flies low past them making a terrible roar.
         The others turn as they hear the dragons roar..  Chip, and Mac stare as the large creature circles back.  Tim pulls a white flag from his back pack, and waves it as the dragon flies past them once more, He then turns back, landing near Tim.
The dragon turns back to land.
        The dragon folds his huge wings, and rumbles. "What brings the four of you to my mountain?" Mac, and Chip stand frozen as Tim responds. "Great Dragon, Sir. The volcano has awakened  after a 100 years of silence. We came to find you, and ask for peace between you, and the people of our valley."

        Sid stands behind the raccoon as the dragon looks at the little group. His eyes flash as he rears up on his hind legs. He then looks out across the vast valley below. After a few minutes of thought he drops to all fours, then places the point of one claw against the raccoons chest, and says. "Then hear this. I will grant this peace with three conditions. One. Stay off of this mountain. Two Erect a large monument to me in the valley center. Three. I wish a large wagon load of coal each week placed near it."

        Tim gulps as he feels the point of the claw.  He looks up to say. "I am sure the first two conditions can be met, Sir.  But Coal?  What for?"  The dragon then pokes Tim a little harder as he almost roars. "To fuel my flame.." He then blows  a little smoke ring which circles the raccoon as it settles to the ground..

        With this Chip falls to the ground in a faint as the others gasp in disbelief upon hearing that the dragon breaths fire. Tim winces in pain as the point of the dragons claw pierces his tunic. He steps back a little saying. "Please sir, that hurts." The Dragon then looks at the raccoon, and the others. He then responds. "If my conditions are not followed. The pain caused by my claw will be very minor indeed."

        Sidney speaks up "But we will need time to let those in the valley know your terms, Sir."  Mac nods as he tries to revive the rabbit.  Tim rubs his chest a little as he says."Yes we will need time to do what you wish."

        The dragon looks at the sky, and says. "I will give you till the moon waxes full again. Then I will expect the conditions to be met." Tim looks up to say. "Thank you sir. We will do our best to do so. Is there any special kind of monument you wish?"

        Chip starts to stir as the dragon responds. "I saw a large rock near the center of the valley. I wish a statue of myself carved from it."  Tim shakes his head a little.  Then responds slowly. But Dragon sir. It will take much time to carve. I fear more time than one moons passing."  The dragon turns to the raccoon, and rumbles. "Then you better find a way." Or I may just destroy your valley."
       The huge creature seems to laugh as he again takes to the air. His huge wings creating a cloud of dust as he rumbles loudly "I will arrive at the central rock with the next full moon." The great dragon then quickly rises, flying toward the summit of Scar mtn.
          As the dragon sails out of sight. Chip sits up scratching his head. He looks up at Mac, and says."What happened?" Mac responds."You fainted young fellow.  Sidney offers a paw to help the Chip up, and says."Yea rabbit, you passed out cold." Tim walks over still rubbing his chest a little,  as he says."You ok rabbit." Chip takes the foxes paw as he is helped to his feet by the others as well.

 Chip looks at the ground feeling foolish that he fainted..He looks at the raccoon to say."Yes I think so." He then adjusts his pack.  Mac pats the rabbit on the shoulder, and says."Don't feel bad young fellow. That dragon was very scarey." Tim nods, "Sharp claws too."
Sidney chimes in. "Don't worry about it Chip. I felt a little weak in the knees my self." Chip smiles a bit, feeling a little better with the support from his friends.

 Tim looks toward the volcanos peak as he continues."We must return to the valley without delay. We have little time to meet the dragons demands." Mac, and Sidney agree as they begin to retrace their steps along the trail. Chip asks."How much time is there?"

 The raccoon looks back at the rabbit to say."A bit more than a moons passing." Chip responds. "That should be time enough."  Tim shakes his head. "Not unless you know how to turn a large rock into a statue of a dragon in that time."  Chip Ohs. "What if we don't?"  Tim sighs. "The dragon wasn't specific,. But I fear it will not be good."

 Chip nods as the four furry friends continue down the trail. They notice the dragon now, and then.  The fox comments that he thinks it's watching them.  A few hours later they make camp for the night. The sounds of the volcano are still heard as the four bed down for the night. They all talk about what the dragon might do if the statue is not ready, but soon they all  fall fast asleep.
 The next morning dawns grey with the threat of rain. A cool breeze blows under Chips blanket as he pulls it up tight feeling a bit cold.  Tim sits up yawning a bit as he rubs the sleep from his eyes. He then sirs the coals of the campfire till a new blaze begins. Then starts some coffee brewing as he wakes the others.

 Chip shivers a little as he sits up saying."It's sure has cooled off."  Mac walks over to the fire, and nods. "That it has young fellow." Tim nods as Sidney sits near the fire to warm his paws. Tim pours hisself some coffee, and says. "I hope the weather clears. I don't like to be in the mountains while we are getting rain. Sidney nods as he pours a cup for his own self. Chip, not being used to hiking in the mountains. Asks. "Why?" Tim responds."The flash floods that's why, rabbit.." Chip sips a bit of coffee, and says. "Oh. I didn't know."  Sidney nods. "They can be bad news alright. We should go." Tim nods as a few drops of rain start to fall.
 Chip, and the other hurry to break camp as the few drops become a steady drizzle. Sidney makes sure the fire is out as the little group gets ready to continue down the mountain. Mac shouts to Chip."Hey young fellow. You forgot your knife." Chip turns as Mac hands the knife to him, and says."Thanks Mac. I would hate to loose that." Mac nods as they hurry to catch up with the raccoon, and fox.

             After a time the trail begins to become muddy as the rain continues. Tim points to a small stream they crossed before. Now much larger. The four stop to decide if it's safe to cross. The sound of thunder rolls down the mountain as Chip, and the others stand near the edge of the fast flowing stream.

 Sidney looks at the raccoon, and says. "We might have better luck higher up." Tim looks upstream, and agrees. The stream cuts through a narrow gap about 250 meters up the mountain. The rain stops as the fox takes the lead with the others close behind.

  Chip shakes the rain from his ears a bit as he looks at the sky. He turns to Mac, and says."I hope the rain doesn't start again." Mac nods."I do also. But I fear it's gonna rain most of the day." Chip sighs, as he tries to keep up. "I just wish I had some good protection from the rain."

 The sound of a waterfall grows louder as they near the narrow gap. Tim points, and says."There. We have to climb up to that out crop." Sidney nods."I hope the rocks aren't too slick." Tim starts to climb as he agrees."But it's our only way to cross." Sidney, and the others follow up the steep path.

            Slipping, and sliding they finally make it to the outcrop. Tim looks at the short span they have to cross. He looks back to say. "Well here goes nothing." He then makes a running jump across to the other side where he neatly lands on his feet. Sid shouts to the raccoon. "Good leap." Tim shouts back. "Thanks. Here fox, tie this to that rock.." He then tosses a rope to Sidney. Who then ties it tight.

 Sidney turns to the others, and smiles. "Come on rabbit it's your turn." Chip ohs, and says. "Let Mac go first." Mac pokes the rabbit, and smiles. "Nope it's your turn young fellow" Chip gulps as he walks up to the edge. Sidney smiles. "Don't worry rabbit. Just use the rope to get across.  Chip looks down at the fast moving water as he steps close. He grabs the rope just as his feet slip on the wet surface.  Swinging out over the rushing water, he hangs on for dear life, afraid to move.

 Tim, and Sidney both grab the rope as they both encourage the rabbit to keep moving. But he just hangs on tight with his eyes closed whimpering  for help. Mac shouts."You must try to move young fellow. We will help you." Chip still holds tight, not responding  as the others try to figure out a way to help the rabbit across.

 Tim shouts over to the others. "Loosen the end of the rope so I can pull him over to this side." Sidney nods."Ok Tim. I think we can do that." Mac holds the rope tight as the fox begins to untie the end.  Tim shouts. "Be careful now."

 With Chips weight. The rope slips a little even with their best efforts to hold it tight. Chip squeals as the slack lets him drop a bit. But as the skunk, and fox continue to let out rope. Tim pulls the rabbit to his side of the gap. There the rabbit just lays on the rock ledge trembling with fear. His eyes tightly closes as he still holds the rope tight.

 Tim shakes his head as he looks down at Chip."Rabbit. You must try to contain your self. We have to be on our way. Let me have the rope so the others can cross."  Upon hearing the raccoons stern voice. He slowly opens his eyes, and lets go of the rope. Then sits with his head down feeling ashamed of his self.

 A short time later. Mac, and Sidney both cross over quickly. Mac pats the rabbit on the shoulder, and says."Come along young fellow.  Don't feel bad. Some of us are more easily frightened than others." Chip takes the skunks paw with his, and stands. Then says. "I am sorry everyone. But when I slipped. I froze. All I could think of is falling into that cold water. I nearly drowned as a child. I guess that fear is still with me."

 Tim, and Sidney gather the long rope as Mac, helps the rabbit with his pack. Then helps the others as well..Tim turns to the rabbit, and says."Just try to be more careful. Ok?" Chip nods."I will." Then with the sound of thunder in the distance the raccoon leads the group down the mountain to the trail. There they continue as the rain begins once more.

Continued once or twice a week.
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