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A illustrated adventure story about a rabbit.

Story and Illustrations © 2001 by Donald L. Brown.
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Chips Adventure Page 2..

    Mac looks back, and says. "We should go there to see if the dragon really has returned. Maybe we can make a deal with him... Tim interrupts.. "We can't deal with him. He won't stop till we are all killed or chased out of his valley."  Mac places his paw on the raccoons shoulder, and says. "Settle down, Tim. The elders say the dragon can be appeased if we give him food. Tim just shakes his head, saying I don't know.

    Chip walks over, and asks. "Why appease the demon. Can't you destroy, or capture him? Tim shudders at Chips words..Then looks the rabbit straight in the eye. The dragon is bigger than this house. We have no weapons to fight him. Mac looks at Chip, and says. "This isn't your problem young fellow. Besides if we make the dragon mad. He will destroy us all." Chip ohs, and steps over to the fireplace. Then says."I still wish to help."

    Chip agrees to help all he can, and shakes Macs paw.Mac smiles. "Your a fine fellow, Chip. But this will be dangerous, and inexperience could be fatal." Chip responds. "But is there anyone with experience after a hundred years?"  Tim shakes his head, and says. Mac, let the young rabbit go. If he wishes to risk his tail for us. So be it."  Mac nods, and looks at the rabbit.."It's quite a hike to Scar Mtn, and we could use someone to help carry the supplies." Chip smiles, and hold his paw out, saying. "You can count on me."

     Mac shakes the rabbits paw, thanking him.. Tim walks over, and says. "We can stop by my farm for any supplies we need." Mac  nods." I have some of what we need out in my barn." They both leave as Chip puts his backpack on. He then follows them to the barn, filled with excitement at the possibility of seeing a real dragon.

Chip steps through the open barn door as Mac, and Tim are gathering some rope, and other supplies. Mac hands him a coil of rope, and says. "You can carry this." Chip nods and places it over his head, and shoulder. Tim looks at Mac, and Chip, and says. Let's go to my farm. I have some food we can take. They both nod, and follow Tim out of the barn, and down the trail.

After a walking for about a hour. They turn down the path to Tim's farm. In the distance a large rock farmhouse, and barn sit on a small hill. Chip thinks to his self that he would like to have a place like that.. He then says."You have a fine place here." Tim looks at Chip, and nods. Saying "Thank you. I have spent much time, and effort building it. I just hope I don't have to give it up." Mac pats Tim on the back, saying."I am sure all will be well."

Tim looks at Mac with a bit of a smile. He then invites Chip, and Mac into the house, and leads them to the kitchen. He opens the door to the cellar, and says. "The food is down here." Tim then lights a lamp, and walks down the stairs with Mac, and Chip close behind.

Tim hands Chip a bag of food. Tim hands the lamp to Mac, and gives Chip a bag of supplies. He also picks up another bag saying. "I have some dried fish in the smoke house as well."  Mac smiles, and says. "That sounds fine Tim."  He follows Tim, and Chip back up the stairs.

       After returning from the smoke house. They make ready for the journey ahead. Each wishing to carry as much as they could.  Tim looks at the other two, and says."I think we have enough to last about a week.  I wish to stop by Lacy's place to tell my wife where I will be."  Mac looks at Tim, and says. "You think we should say anything about the Dragon till we are sure?"

      Tim slips his pack on, and says."Charlotte won't say anything."  Mac nods. "But Lacy might. Tim nods. "I will take care not to speak around her." Mac throws a bag over his shoulder , and says."Ok Tim. Then let's be on our way. " Chip smiles, and says. "I am ready."  Tim nods. As the three leave Tim's house.

       A short distance later they arrive at Lacy's home. A small house with a stone fence surrounding it.  Mac says. "We will wait here while you speak to Charlotte." Tim nods, and opens the gate, and walks down the path leading to the front door. There he knocks. A moment later a large rather round female badger answers the door.

    She smiles, and says. "Hello Tim. What brings you here?" Tim responds. "Lacy, I need to speak to my wife."  Lacy nods, and says. "Well come in." Tim then follows Lacy inside. He returns after a few minutes.  He stops to give his wife a hug, and says."We should be home in a few days. She looks at Tim, and says. "Please be careful, Tim." He nods, and says. "I will."
      Mac waves to Charlotte, and Lacy as Tim walks out the gate. Lacy shouts."Come visit when     you get a chance, Mac. He smiles, and says."I will" then joins the other two along the path that leads to the north.Charlotte waves. As she, and lacy watch Tim, and the others leave.

      As Chip, Mac, and Tim all head north. Charlotte, and Lacy watch till they are out of sight. Lacy says. "I wonder where they are going ?" Charlotte looks toward Scar Mtn, and says. "They are going there." She points toward the smoking volcano. Lacy shudders, and says. "Did your husband say why?"  Showing a bit of worry in her eyes. She says. "To investigate the volcano I think." Lacy gives Charlotte a hug, and says. "Tim's a smart raccoon. I am sure he will be home soon. Come, let's finish our tea." Charlotte smiles a bit, and nods as they both re-enter the house.

     Chip looks toward the volcano as they walk, and says. "Is it far?" Mac nods. "But we should be there by dusk tomorrow. That is if the gorge bridge is still useable." Chip's eyes grow wide as Tim responds. "It was still in pretty good shape last summer." Chip asks. "Is it a long bridge?"  Mac nods, as he answers Chip. "Yes. About 20 meters. It swings as you walk on it too."

     Chip stops, and says."I don't' suppose there is another way."  Mac nods."There is. But it would take a two extra days to go around the gorge. Is there a problem? Chip shakes his head saying. "Just a little fear of height." Mac grins. "Well just keep your eyes closed then." Tim just shakes his head as Chip responds. "I will try."Sidney Fox leans against a tree.

      The path winds it's way along the edge of the valley as it continues North. Tim smiles, and says. "There's Sidney Fox up ahead." Mac nods as Sidney waves at the three. Chip smiles as he looks at the fox in a straw hat leaning against a tree with a piece of straw in his mouth.
      The fox smiles, and asks the raccoon what brings them up his way.  Tim shakes the foxes paw, and says. "We are going to Scar. Mtn. It's becoming active. I also think I saw a dragon flying near the mountain this morning." Sidney responds with a worried look. "So you saw it too. I hoped it was my imagination. Or a trick of the morning sunlight on a cloud."

      Mac, and Chip stare at Sidney as he tells what he had seen. Tim gives Sidney a pat on the shoulder, and say. "We must be sure that the dragon of old has returned. Come with us. " Charlie thinks for a bit. Then says. "You, and Mac are good friends. So count me in." Mac smiles. "Glad to have you along." Sidney looks at Chip, and says. "I don't think we have met." Chip shakes the foxes paw, and responds. "Name is Chip Sty. I am new to the valley. Just along for the adventure, and to help."

       Sidney shakes the rabbit's paw in return, and says."Glad to meet you Chip Sty. Have you any experience with dragons?"   Chips shakes his head as he says."No. Only what I have heard about them. Which isn't very much." Mac interrupts saying.. "He will do.. But if we are going to reach the gorge before dark we should be on our way."

      The fox nods as he says. "Looks like we have about three hours before dusk, and the gorge bridge is about a two hour walk from here, and I need to grab a couple things from my house. I will meet you at the gorge." Tim says. "Ok Sid. We will look for you there. " The fox nods as he trots up the path to his home.
       The raccoon, skunk and rabbit, then continue north toward Scar Mtn who's peak shows greater signs of activity with occasional clouds of steam. Chip comments. "I hope the volcano doesn't erupt while we are there." Tim stops for a moment. Then turns to Chip to say. "Historically speaking. Scar Mtn normally doesn't erupt with much violence. Mostly just a lot of steam, and a bit of lava flowing from it's large crater."

        Mac nods patting Chip on the shoulder, Then points to the right side of the volcano, and says." The dragons old lair is near that outcrop of rock. There is a cave entrance under it." Chip looks, and says. "I can't tell. But I do see the place your talking about." Tim turns, and says. "It's still some distance away. So we should keep walking." Chip, and Mac agree, and they continue north along the trail.

         It's late afternoon as the little trio near the hills below Scar Mtn.  Tim remarks. "We have made good time. The gorge is just past those trees." Mac nods, then says. "It will be good to make camp. I am not used to all this walking." Mac agrees as Chip looks a little worried knowing they must cross the gorge soon.

       Then almost before Chip realized it. The vast gorge opened out before them. He freezes in his tracks as he spots the rope bridge. He says. "That's the bridge?" He gulps as it moves in the wind. His eyes follow the steep walls down to a small stream some 150 meters below. While Tim walks across. Mac turns to Chip, and says." Don't worry young fellow. Just keep your eyes on the far side. You will be across before you know it. The three start across the shaky bridge.

       Chip nods. Not wishing to cause problems for the others. He puts one foot on the bridge, and tries  not to look down.  Mac walks up behind him, and says. "I will be right behind you, young fellow." Chip looks back to say. "Alright. But I will be ok."  Mac smiles. As the young rabbit starts to walk slowly. Tim shouts. "Hurry, you two. I wish to make camp before dark." Mac shouts back. "Ok Tim. We are coming."

        Chip walks slowly keeping a tight grip on the ropes as Mac stays close behind, encouraging him as they go. Just then a strong gust of wind shakes the bridge violently.  In trying to make sure Chip is ok.  Mac loses his footing, and nearly falls.  He cries out with a loud "Help" as he hangs from his paws..
        Tim turns as he hears Mac's cries for help, and shouts to Chip. "Help him rabbit!! " Chip, still frightened by the violent motion of the bridge hangs on for dear life as Tim continues to shout for him to help his friend.

        Mac again cries out as his grip starts to slip a little."Please Help me!! ."  Something in the tone of Mac's voice brings back a old memory from Chips past. He then seems to forget about the danger of the shaky rope bridge as he turns to help his friend.Chip rescues Mac from falling.

        Mac breaths a sigh of relief as Chip pulls him up on the floor of the bridge. Chip asks if he is ok. Then they both walk carefully to the far side where Tim helps them both to a rock where Mac sits as Chip says he is sorry for hesitating. Mac shakes his head, and says. "Don't worry young fellow. It took a lot of courage to rescue me out there." Chip covers his face with his paws as he lightly sobs. Mac, looks at Chip, and pats his shoulder saying. "It's ok young fellow.".

        Chip looks up with tears in his eyes, and says."It's not this. When I was small . I lost a close friend because I couldn't help him. Your cries for help reminded me." They both sit with Chip as Tim remarks. "I think your friend would have been proud of you today, young fellow.." Mac nods, and says."Tim's right, and It's time we made camp. The sun will be down soon."
        Chip drys his eyes, and says "Your right, and I am ready for a bite to eat as  well." Mac, nods as Tim points towards some trees, and says. "That should make a good place to set up camp." The others agree, as they all gather their gear, and walk quickly toward the trees.

        Just then, Sidney shouts from the other side of the bridge. "Hey I finally made it."  Tim turns, and shouts back. "We are making camp by those trees next to the trail." The fox shouts ok, and with no hesitation crosses the bridge.

         Sidney walks quickly, and catches up just as the others reach the spot Tim pointed out. Mac says."Glad you made it before dark." The fox nods. "It took me a little longer than I planned. " Tim, and Chip start to set up camp. Tim smiles, at the skunk, and fox, then says."We need some firewood guys." Sidney says. "You bet". Chip helps the raccoon with setting up the campsite as the fox, and skunk find wood for the fire.

         A short time later they return, each with a armload of firewood.  Chip places a small metal grill so it rests on three large rocks as Tim lights a small fire underneath it. He then puts a pan on the grill to cook some beans, along with a pot for coffee.  The little group sit down to rest, talk, and enjoy a meal. Not sure of what the next day will bring.

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