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A illustrated adventure story about a rabbit.

Story and Illustrations © 2001 by Donald L. Brown.
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Chips Adventure.Page 1

  The day breaks clear on this spring morning. The sound of song birds greet the new born day, as rays from the sun pierce the darkness of the forest floor..A young rabbit yawns, and runs his fingers through his hair scratching a itch. He sits up, looking about. Chip checks to see if he left anything.He says to his self. "It is nice to hear the sounds of spring once more."
   The sound of his tummy rumbling reminds him of how long it has been since he had anything to eat. He has walked quite a distance the night before, and is not familiar with the forest he finds his self in. After eating the last bit of bread he saved from the previous day. He stands to survey what he can of the forest, and gathers his few belongings into his backpack. He decides to push on thinking. "I must find food, and work soon."
   Though a young rabbit. Chip is thin, with ragged clothes. A orphan from shortly after birth. He has struggled to just stay alive nearly all his short life. He travels the countryside doing odd jobs for food, and shelter, desiring one day to find someplace he can call home.  

    While following the trail through the forest. He thinks about the two foxes that tried to steal his backpack a few days earlier.  He stops upon hearing a noise, he looks all around. Then moves quickly along.. He says to his self. "I hope I don't meet any robbers."
    After what seems like hours. View of the valley from the path.The trail breaks out into the open, and there before Chip, stretches a beautiful valley with grassy fields, and a small stream flowing through it. Chip smiles, and says."Sure is peaceful here." He follows the trail wishing he could find some berries along the way. In the distance he can see a small house set near a grove of trees. He thinks. "Maybe I can find work there."
    He continues along the trail towards the house. The sound of someone chopping wood grows louder as he does. He looks for the source as he walks, and shouts. "Hello!!" Then just as he passes some bushes. He hears a shout, then a loud crash behind him.

   Turning quickly with a hop. He blinks to see the top of a tree laying across the path. A skunk runs up, and asks. "You ok young fellow?" Chip meets Mac Skunk.Chip scratches a ear just a bit., and says. "I think so, but that tree nearly got me." The skunk holds out a paw, and says."Sorry.. But that tree went quicker than I planned." Chip nods, and says."I understand. It's happened to me also."
   Chip takes the skunks paw with his, and says. My name is Chip Sty.  The skunk smiles as he shakes Chips paw. Then says. "Glad to meet you Chip. Furres around here just call me Mac."
   Chip nods. "Nice to meet you, Mac.  Would you be needing any help. I am in need of food, and shelter."  The skunk thinks a moment. Then says. "Well since I nearly fell a tree on you, It's the least I can do to offer you some food, and shelter for the night, and I could use a little help cutting this tree into firewood."

     Chip smiles, and says. Thanks a lot, and I would be glad to help. Mac grins, and says. "it's close to lunchtime, we can have a bite to eat first, and I will show you where you can bed down as well." Mac fills a bowl with stew for Chip.Chip nods, and walks with the skunk up the path to the little house.
     Chip follows him through the door into a small room that has a single table, two chairs, small bed, and a large rock fireplace.   In the fireplace a pot of vegetable soup simmers over a small fire.  Chip sniffs the air as the skunk grabs two bowls, and spoons from a large wooden cabinet that stands in the far corner.
     Mac smiles as he notices the rabbit sniffing the soup. He walks over placing one of the bowls on the table. He then asks. "You like vegetable soup young fellow?" Chip looks at the skunk, and says. "Oh yes, and it smells very good." The skunk fills one bowl, then puts it on the table, and says. "Sit yourself down, and have some."

 Chip smiles, and says. "Thank you. I will." He then removes his backpack, and bedroll before sitting at the table.   He dips his spoon into the tasty soup, and smiles after tasting it.. Chip, and Mac sit talking.He remarks as the skunk sits another bowlful on the table. "Oh, that tastes great."

    Mac grins, and says. "You must be real hungry to like my cooking." He then takes out a loaf of bread, breaks a large piece off, and hands it to the rabbit. Saying."Here have a little bread to go with your soup."  Chip smiles, and takes the bread, crumbling some into his soup saying. "This is the best meal I have had in days." The skunk smiles as he starts to eat as well.

    A few minutes later Chip finishes his soup, and bread.. Mac looks over ,and says. If your still hungry young fellow, Get some more.  Chip smiles as he leans back Then says. "If I eat any more. I couldn't do any work." Just then there is a loud knock at the door.

     Mac nods, as he gets up, and says."Now I wonder who that could be."  A voice shouts. "You home Mac?"  Mac shouts back. "Hold on there. I'm coming." He opens the door, and there in the doorway stands a rather stocky raccoon.

     Mac smiles, and says. "Hi Tim,. Come on in." The raccoon nods, and follows Mac inside, and says . "I fear the Dragon has returned to the valley.". Mac blinks, and says. "Tim, Are you sure?" Tim nods, and responds in a worried voice . "I am sure I saw him soaring over the northern part of the valley this morning."

     Chip greets Tim Raccoon.  Mac shakes his head, and says. "We must be sure. The folks of the valley will be in a panic, if it's true." Chip gets up f rom the table, and says. "I had heard tales about a Dragon, but I didn't think they were true.." Tim blinks, and says. "Who may you be, stranger?" Chip responds. "Chip Sty is the name." He holds out his paw to the raccoon who shakes the rabbits paw, then turns to the skunk saying. "He a friend of yours Mac?"  Mac shakes his head.."No.. But he seems like a nice young fellow."

   Tim looks at the rabbit, and say's. " My name is Tim Pal. I don't know what stories you heard, But according to the elders. A terrible Dragon lived in this valley about a hundred years ago. He was supposed to be dead. A least I thought so till this morning." Mac nods, and says. I heard he was buried in his lair with the last eruption of Scar Mtn."  Tim turns to the skunk, and says. That's the story.. But the volcano has been rumbling lately. So could be he has escaped.

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