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Here is a story about a skunk family outing.

Story © 2000 by Donald L. Brown.
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A Skunky Outing.

Skipper wakes up early, runs into his parents room, and shouts. Yea!!! It's Saturday! It's Saturday!! He then shakes the bed, and says. It's the day we go to the lake!! Poppa skunk wakes up with a start, and grabs his wife. I..It.It's a earthquake!!!! His wife pushes him away pointing to Skipper. It's only Skipper shaking the bed silly.

He Ohhs, and grins sheepishly. He then chases Skipper out of the room. Telling him to get cleaned up, and dressed. Skipper then heads toward his room running into his sister Tammy. They both end up on the floor. She says. Hey squirt, watch where your going!

Skipper jumps up, and grins. Sorry sis. He grabs a towel, and runs into the bathroom. His sister shouts. Hey!! I was going in there. She could hear him giggling as he locks the door. She bangs on the door, and says. I am gonna get you!!..

From the bedroom their dad shouts. Knock it off you two!!. Tammy mumbles to her self as she waits for her turn. Skipper being a little fellow. Makes quick work of cleaning up. You can tell by the tub, floor, and towels. He then dashes out heading for his room. His sister shouts after him. You better run, Squirt!!

A loud scream is heard as Tammy closes the bathroom door. Then a crash!. Her mother runs to the door, and asks if she is alright. Tammy opens the door dripping wet,holding a bar of soap, and says Yea! But my little brother is in big trouble.

Poppa skunk walks up, and starts to ask why Tammy is wet. But his wife stops him, Saying don't ask dear. She turns to Tammy, and says Your father, and I will deal with your brother honey. You get cleaned up. Tammy mumbles as she returns to the bathroom. Poppa shouts Skipper!! Your mother wants to see you.

His wife gives him a poke in the tummy, and says Your just as bad as Skipper. He grins, But honey. Your much better at this, than me. Besides you know what happened. She just shakes her head, and walks into skippers room. Poppa heads back to the bedroom to finish dressing as she does.

Skipper hides as his mother walks in. He blushes.(As much as a little skunk can) Gee mom I only got my shorts on. She smiles, and says. I won't be but a minute Skipper. You did a very bad thing. He huhs? What Mom!!. She points her finger at him, and says. You left a bar of soap on the bathroom floor. Your sister fell, and could have been badly hurt. He looks at his mother, and says. Golly! I am sorry. Is she ok?

Yes. Only a little wet. Skipper tries to hide a smile as he imagines what happened. His mother glares a little as she catches the smile. This is serious young man. I want you to go tell your sister your sorry.

I guess I forgot the soap. He looks up at his mother with big sad brown eyes, and says. Do I have to? She looks back. It's that. Or you won't go on the outing today. He cries, Please not that. I will tell her. He heads for the door when his mother grabs him by the arm, and says You should get dressed first.

Skipper blushes as he wraps his tail about his waist, and Umms ok mom. Mother skunk smiles, and walks out. Hesitating for a moment to say. Don't forget now. Skipper noddles, and shuts the door after his mother.

Tammy comes out of the bathroom with a big towel about her head. Her mother asks. You ok hon. Tammy smiles at her mother. Yea! I will live. But I am not sure about the squirt. Her mother smiles. I told Skipper to apologize to you.. I think he is sorry, Tammy says Thank you, and smiles with a wicked little grin. Oh! I love the little squirt. But don't tell him I said so. Her mother gives her a hug, and heads for the bedroom.

Just then Skipper runs up to his sister, and Umms. He twists his foot on the floor as he ponders for a moment. His sister pats her foot, and says I ought to wack you. Skipper bites his lip for a moment. I ..I am glad you weren't hurt. I am sorry sis. Tammy looks down at Skipper saying. Well. I will forgive you this time. But next time. POW!! ok? He nods, and runs past her to the kitchen. She just shakes her head. Muttering "Brothers"..

The two parents come out, heading for the kitchen. Poppa skunk tells his daughter to hurry up, as they pass by her. She nods, and ducks into her own room shutting the door after her.

As his parents walk in. Skipper drags out the picnic basket, placing it next to a pile of toys he wants to take. His mother shakes her head. and tells him. We can't take all that. He Awws! But I need all this stuff. Poppa skunk shakes his head. You can take the kite, bat, and ball. But that's all.

Skipper nods ok dad! Then says Can we go swimming at the lake? His mother smiles. Yes honey. Be sure to bring your swimming suit. He yea's as he tugs on his daddy's arm. I'm ready daddy. His dad smiles, and says. Let's get the car loaded then.

Just as they leave. Tammy walks in from the hall carrying a large bag. Her mother smiles. Grab some breakfast honey. The boys are loading the car. She nods, Ok mom. Just then Skipper slides through the door, and exclaims. The stuff is loaded mom. She tells him to slow down, and eat some breakfast. He nods, and sits next to his sister.

She looks at her brother, and says. Don't spill anything on me. Skipper turns towards his sister bumping his glass of milk with his paw. Just as Skipper makes a grab for it. She eeks!

Their mother just manages to grab the glass before it spills. Skipper whews, and says. Gee sis, you nearly got milk. He giggles a little after saying this. His mother scolds him a little, about not being careful. He nods, saying he will try. As his sister moves to another chair mumbling to herself.

Poppa skunk walks in twirling the car keys, and says. Everyone about ready to go? Skipper gulps down his milk, and says I am!! Mother skunk smiles. We are about ready dear. I only need to brush my hair, and change clothes. Poppa skunk tells skipper. You go to the bathroom before we leave . I don't wish to be making pit stops on the freeway. He nods, ok dad, and dashes out of the room.

Tammy smiles. Need me to help you, Mother? She nods. That would be nice. Poppa smiles. Ok you two. Don't take all day. We aren't going to a party. Just to the lake, ya know. They look back with a little smile, and head down the hallway.

Skipper runs in after a few min. He wipes his paws on his pants as he says I am ready daddy. Poppa skunk nods, and Shouts to his wife, and daughter. Come on you two... Just then the bedroom door opens. They both walk out. His wife in shorts, a short sleeve blouse with a large hat. His daughter is wearing much the same, except she has a long billed cap over her hair, and ponytail.

He smiles. There my gals are. Mother skunk smiles. We are ready dear. Skipper stands at the door saying hurry.. Let's go. Tammy grabs the large bag from the kitchen table as she follows the others out. Then locks the door behind her.

Skipper pulls the side door open on the van, and climbs in. Tammy climbs in after him, and takes her seat. Fastening the seat belt as Skipper fumbles with his. She grins. Having trouble squirt? He shakes his head, and continues trying to fasten it.

His dad smiles. Here son, let me help you. He then secures it, Then sits behind the wheel. Skipper sticks his tongue out at his sister, just as his mother looks back. She scolds. Skipper stop that!! Tammy then giggles a little, as he pouts a bit.

Poppa skunk then asks. Everyone ready now? Mother skunk smiles, and says. Yes dear. He then starts the van, and slowly backs from the driveway. He checks carefully for traffic. Then backs out, then drives toward the freeway.

Skipper puts his ball glove on, then starts to play a little catch with himself, to pass the time. His sister pulls out a book from the bag she brought. Just then Poppa skunk has to swerve the van sharply. This sends the ball flying toward his sister....

She eeks, as the ball knocks the book she is reading right out of her paws. Skipper sits looking very innocent as his sister says. Squirt!! if you weren't my brother. Just then their mother looks back. What is the problem now? Tammy just shakes her head. She puts the ball in the bag. Then picks up the book to continue reading.

Skipper then says. Sis! Gimmie my ball. She looks up, and says. When we get to the lake I will.. He awws.. Momma.. Tammy won't give me my ball back. Mother skunk looks back, and says. Tammy give me the ball. She hands her the ball. His mother points to the ball, and says. You will get it at the lake Skipper. He awws, But mom. Poppa skunk scolds. Don't argue with your mother son.. He nods ok, then pouts a little.

Tammy feels a little sorry for her brother, and smiles. Skipper, I have a funny paper here. Would you like to look at it? He cracks a bit of a grin, and says. Sure sis, Thanks. Then takes it from her. Just then, mother skunk shouts. Look out!!

Poppa skunk hits the brake quickly upon hearing the shout. The van skids to a stop ending up on the edge of the road. Poppa skunk looks all around. He then looks over at his wife, and says Why did you shout look out?

She looks back at him, and says. Not outside. But there. She points to a bee crawling on the windshield.. Poppa skunk Umms, and helps the bee out the window. He then tells her. Honey.. Next time just say there is a bee in the car..Ok? She nods alright. But I was afraid you might get stung. He nods as he pulls back on the road.

Skipper giggles about his mothers fear of the bee. Tammy takes a swing at him with a rolled up newspaper, and says that's not funny squirt. Skipper heys, and grabs the paper. They both tug till it tears apart. Mother skunk tells them both to settle down. Tammy nods tossing the torn paper at skipper. Poppa skunk points. Look kids. You can just make out the lake ahead.

Skipper Yea's, and bounces in his seat. Tammy smiles as the lake comes into view. She is hoping to meet some of her friends at the lake. Mother skunk smiles, and says. It's been too long since we were here last. Pappa skunk nods. We must try to come more often. He guides the van down the exit ramp for the lake.

He pulls to a stop. Then turns on the access road to the lake. The road passes between many tall pine trees as it drops toward the lake. Twisting, and turning sharply along a rock bluff. That runs along the edge of the large lake. The road turns into a campground, and park with, many benches, and tables.

Pappa skunk acks.. as he hunts for a good place to park. He grumbles. All the good spots are taken. Mother skunk smiles, and points. Dear, I see a good spot over there. He nods, and heads for it.. Skipper shouts. Hurry dad! That fox is gonna beat us to it.

Poppa skunk growls "That's mine!! He just manages to beat the fox to the spot. Skipper yea's, You beat him dad!! Just then a park ranger taps on the window to get attention. Skipper points. Dad that ranger wants you. Poppa skunk acks, and rolls the window down, and Umms.. Is there a problem officer?

The ranger looks at Poppa skunk sternly, and says. There is a speed limit in this park. He points to the sign. While the ranger, and Poppa skunk talk, a car leaves. Giving a swell spot for the fox to park. Skipper leans forward, and says. We could have got that spot dad.

The ranger looks at skipper, and Tells Poppa skunk. You should listen to your son. He then gives him a warning, and tells the others in the van to have a nice day. Tammy waves, and smiles at the young ranger.. Mother skunk says. Thank you sir.

Poppa skunk looks back. Next time don't help me. Ok Skipper? He then looks at his wife with a sheepish look on his face. She just shakes her head. Then says. Your not setting a good example for our kids. He nods, and opens the door. Skipper releases his seat belt, and pulls open the side door. Then bounces out. Mother skunk shouts. Don't go far. Skipper hollers back. Ok mom!

Poppa skunk walks around, and opens the back door. His wife shouts. Tammy, and myself will find a good spot dear. He nods, and shouts. Skipper!!, come here son. Skipper comes running to the rear of the van. Poppa skunk hands him a blanket, and the water bottle. I will get the basket son. Let's follow your mother.

Skipper smiles, Ok dad.. Then both of them walk after her, and Tammy. Eventually she stops, and says. Put it right here boys. Poppa skunk sits the basket on the table. He takes the blanket, and water bottle from skipper. Just then Tammy waves .. Hi Robby.. Poppa skunk looks up just as a brawny young fox walks up, and hugs Tammy.

Poppa skunk grins. Hi there Rob. The young fox holds out a paw, and says, Give me five pop! Poppa skunk raises a eyebrow, and says the name is George son. Tammy blushes, and says Daddy. This is Robby Fox from my school. He is a friend. Poppa skunk starts to speak when his wife says. It is nice to meet a friend of our Tammy.

Robby smiles. Nice to meet you too Mrs skunk. I thought you were Tammy's sister for a moment. Poppa skunks eyes roll back a little at this. But his wife smiles, and blushes. That's sweet of you young man. Tammy, You and your friend go visit. Lunch won't be for some time yet.

Robby nods ok as he, and Tammy walk toward the beach. Skipper runs up, and says Who's the fox? Poppa skunk just says. How about a game of catch son? Skipper yea's, and holds up his paws. Sure dad. Throw me one. Poppa skunk throws the ball so Skipper runs toward the beach to catch it.

Skipper grabs the ball. Then throws it back to his dad, Before he can catch it. The ball bounces off the picnic table. Nearly landing in the chips. Mother skunk shouts. You two play farther away, While I get lunch ready. Poppa skunk nods, and tells Skipper to come along. Skipper says sorry mom, and follows his dad.

Tammy, and Robby find a shady spot near the beach. They sit in the grass looking out at the lake, and each other. Robby smiles. Your sure pretty Tammy.. She looks back with a smile, and says That's sweet of you Robby. Just then Skippers ball lands next to Robby. He grabs it, and tosses it to Skipper, and says. There you go squirt.

Skipper catches it, and yells thanks.. He then throws the ball back to his dad. Tammy looks at Robby. Sorry about my brother. He is just a little kid. Robby smiles, and says, Hey it's Cool. I got a little brother at home. Just then Mother skunk shouts Lunch is ready. Come, and get it.

Skipper Yeas!!, and runs for the picnic table. Mother skunk smiles, and points. Sit down there Skipper. He smiles, and sits as Tammy, Robby, and Poppa skunk walk up. Tammy asks, Can Robby join us mom? Mother skunk smiles. Sure we have enough. Robby smiles. Is there anything I can help with? Mother skunk shakes her head. Just dig in hon.

Poppa skunk asks Skipper to pass the bowl of potato salad to him. Skipper says. Ok dad. Then hands it to him, nearly spilling it on Tammy. She eeks. Skipper do be carful. Robby takes the bowl just before it spills. Poppa skunk smiles. Good catch Rob.

Skipper opens a soft drink, then munches on some chips. Robby smiles. The potato salad is great Mrs skunk. Tammy speaks up. Hey I made that. Mother skunk nods, she did. Robby grins. I didn't know you could cook, Tammy.. She gives him a little poke in the side. He heys, and jumps back, slipping off the end of the bench, falling to the ground.

Tammy eeks!! Robby.. Are you hurt? She kneels next to him on the ground. Robby looks back at Tammy with a smile. Then says. I am fine. Just hurt my pride a little. She giggles, and holds out a paw to help him up.

He takes her paw with his, and stands up. They both sit back down as Mother skunk smiles, and says. There is plenty of food left Robby. He nods. Thank you Mrs skunk. He spoons more potato salad on his plate. Tammy smiles I am glad you like the potato salad Robby. Skipper munches on some chips. Then finishes his soda.

Poppa skunk eats a piece of cherry pie between sips of his cola. He looks over at Robby with a bit of pie on his chin. You should try the pie son. Mother skunk reaches over, and wipes his chin. She smiles. Your getting more like Skipper every day dear.

Poppa Skunk smiles at his wife. Then finishes his pie. Robby turns to Tammy, and smiles. Your potato salad is very good.. Skipper giggles. You should see what she puts in it. Mother skunk says. Skipper!! that's not nice. Tammy says. Your gonna get it squirt. She then gets up, and heads for Skipper.

Skipper giggles, and runs. Tammy grabs a bottle of ice water as she chases after him. Skipper looks back, and squeals nooo!!.. Tammy being bigger starts to catch up to her little brother. She grabs him by the tail. Then wrestles him to the ground, She holds him down, and says. Now I got you.

Mother skunk smiles at Robby. Don't worry. Skipper likes to have fun with his sister. Poppa skunk nods, and smiles at his wife. Just like me huh? He kisses his wife's cheek. She smiles. Then looks over where Tammy, and Skipper are.

Tammy sprinkles some of the ice water on Skippers face. He acks, and shakes his head. He pant's. Please sis..She looks down at him with a evil smile. Are you sorry for making Robby think my potato salad was bad? He squirms as she sprinkles him a bit more.

He then squeals. I am sorry.. Tammy takes his paw, and says. I want you to tell Robby your sorry. He looks at his sister , and says Ok. They both walk back to the picnic table. Skipper walks up to Robby, and says. I am sorry about what I said. Robby looks at Skipper, and says. It's ok squirt. He reaches out, and fuzzes Skippers hair.

Skipper runs down the beach a ways, as Tammy sits next to Robby again. Momma skunk says to her husband. I think I will go talk to him. Poppa skunk smiles, and nods. Alright hon.

Mother skunk walks down the beach till she finds Skipper. She smiles, and says. Want to talk? Skipper looks up with tears in his eyes, and nods. She sits down next to him, and smiles. What's wrong honey? After he wipes his eyes. He looks up, and says. It was embarrassing for Tammy to jump on me where all could see. Mother skunk brushes the hair from his eyes. I know honey.. But you embarrassed her very much. How do you think she felt when you said what you did?

He ohhs, I didn't think of that. It must have hurt her a lot. I am sorry momma. Mother skunk smiles. You can tell her later honey.. Skipper looks up, and gives his mother a big hug. She hugs back. Then they both walk back to the picnic table.

Poppa skunk smiles. as he see's them return. He then says we need to get ready to leave soon. Mother skunk nods, and says. Skipper put all the trash in the barrel hon.. Skipper nods, and runs taking the trash to the barrel. Tammy says I will be right back. Mother skunk nods, ok hon. Then Tammy, and Robby walk down the beach..

Poppa skunk smiles at his wife. You think a fox would make a good son-n-law? She looks back, and says. Tammy, and Robby are just friends dear.. He shakes his head. They look serious to me. Mother skunk shoves a box of paper plates at him. You thought that about the last three boys she went with. Even the first one when she was ten. Poppa skunk grins, and nods.

Skipper runs up, and says. Got any more trash momma? She shakes her head no, But you can help your dad carry stuff to the van later. He nods ok. Then runs over to his dad. Can I fly my kite before we leave poppa?

He smiles at Skipper, and says. Alright. But let's do it now. We need to leave in about a hour. Skipper nods, and runs to get his kite. They both head for a large clearing at the edge of the lake. Poppa skunk smiles. There is a nice breeze blowing off the lake son. Skipper nods. Let me run with it poppa!!

Ok.. Skipper!! He hands the kite, and string to the little skunk. Skipper then runs as far as the clearing goes from the lake. Then turns, and shouts. Here I come Poppa. He then runs toward his father with the kite rising quickly as it catches the wind.

Poppa skunk smiles as Skipper slows to a stop, then turns holding on to the stick the string is wound around. He steps quickly to stand next to Skipper, and smiles. Looking good son. Skipper tugs on the string as the kite moves left, then right. Poppa skunk cautions him to not let it drop to low. Just then it dives nearly crashing as Poppa skunk helps him get it back up.

After a few small crashes, and lots of flying. Mother skunk calls out. It's getting late you two. Skipper awwws, Do we really have to go Poppa.. He nods, Yes we do. So pull it in, and lets get the van loaded.. As they walk up to where mother skunk is. She smiles at Skipper, and says. You go tell your sister that we are ready to go. He nods. Ok momma, and runs down the beach.

Tammy looks up at Robby with dreamy eyes as the sound of Skipper shouting catches her attention. She then says. Golly where has the time gone Robby. Robby smiles, and gives her a hug. I had a great time visiting you, and your family, Tammy. She nods, I am glad we had a chance to visit. She then hugs back, and gives her boy friend a kiss just as Skipper runs up.

Skipper Ewwwwws As he see's his sister kiss Robby on the lips. He then says. Momma said we gotta go sis.. Tammy nods at him, then stands as Robby takes her paws with his helping her up. Skipper tugs at his sisters arm, as he says. Come on.. We gotta go.,

Robby smiles. You best go. I need to get back to my folks anyhow. Be seeing you in school tomorrow Tammy. She nods, and says bye bye as she follows Skipper. Robby waves, and says bye as he heads back to his family. Skipper giggles at Tammy. I am gonna tell that you , and Robby kissed. Tammy eeps! You better not!

Skipper squeals, and giggles as he runs down the beach with his sister right on his tail. she catches up with him just as they arrive at the picnic table. Tammy leans down, and kisses Skipper on the nose. He ewwwws, and wipes his nose with the back of his paw.

Mother skunk smiles. Skipper your Poppa is at the van. Take this box to him. Skipper nods ok momma. He hurries to the van with it. Tammy looks at her mother, and smiles. Then picks up the large bag. I brought my swimming suit, and towels. But never got to use them. Mother skunk smiles. You, and Robby should have went swimming. Tammy nods. But he didn't have his swimming trunks. So we just talked.

Poppa skunk walks up, and smiles. Fine boy that Robby. Tammy smiles. Yes, Poppa. I am glad you like him. Poppa skunk smiles. So far I do. Ok, You girls ready to go? Skipper is waiting in the van. Mother skunk nods. I think we are ready. She puts one last bit of trash in the basket, as Tammy smiles. I am ready as well.

Then they all walk to the van.. Skipper sits looking at a comic book as they get there. Tammy climbs in, and takes her seat. Poppa skunk puts the last of the picnic items in the back as Mother skunk seats herself as well. Poppa smiles. Ok everyone ready?

Skipper says. I want a drink. Mother skunk turns, and says to Skipper. We will stop at the quick stop store, He nods, ok momma. Poppa skunk climbs in, and checks to see if everyone has their seat belts on. He tells Tammy to fasten hers. She nods. He then pulls out of the parking spot.

He grumbles a little as he waits for traffic. Then maneuvers out, and on to the access road leading back to the freeway. Poppa skunk smiles as he gets back on the freeway. Then says. We will be home in a couple hours. Skipper says. Don't forget to stop at the Quick Stop store, Poppa.

The sun starts to set as the lights of the city can be seen in the distance. Poppa skunk takes the off ramp so they can stop at the Quick stop store.. He then stops to wait for the traffic light. Then makes his turn, and pulls into the parking lot.

As he pulls up to park. Mother skunk turns to Poppa skunk. We could use some Milk for breakfast dear. He nods ok, and turns back to ask Skipper, and Tammy what they would like. Tammy shakes Skipper.. Wake up squirt. We are at the store. He rubs his eyes, and huhs. Oh! I want a soda. Poppa. He nods, and asks Tammy. You wish anything? Tammy smiles. I would like a ice cream cone please. He nods ok. Then heads for the store.

Skipper taps his mother on the shoulder. She looks back. What is it honey. He whispers. I need to go.. She nods, and asks Tammy if she needs to as well. She shakes her head no. Mother skunk then takes Skipper inside the store. There she tells Poppa skunk that they will be out in a few minutes.

Poppa skunk returns to the van. He hands Tammy her ice cream. Then sits Skippers soda in a cup holder. He puts the milk in the picnic cooler before returning to the drivers seat.

Skipper smiles as he returns with his mother. They both climb back into the van as Tammy welcomes them back. Skipper yeas, and grabs his soda. His mother shouts be careful just as he spills it all over his self. Tammy sits the cup back in the holder as the poor little skunk starts to cry.

Poppa skunk turns quickly to see what happened as his wife grabs some paper towels to soak up as much as she can. He mutters to himself as she does. Mother skunk looks to Tammy. Give me one of your fluffy towels, Tammy.. She nods, and does so. Then she tells Tammy to clean up the carpet as best she can while she takes Skipper back inside to clean him up. Skipper continues to cry as his mother leads him back to the store.

Mother skunk takes the little skunk into the washroom. In a few minutes they come out. Skipper is still fussing a little as they walk toward the door. He then asks his mother. Could I please have another soda momma? She looks back, and raises a eyebrow as she says. Well A small one perhaps.. But you must be careful. He nods. I will momma..

She smiles, and they walk to the counter. She asks the fox behind the counter for a small soda. He nods, and sits it on the counter. Then says, Fifty cents please! Mother skunk nods, and places two quarters on the counter. She then hands the soda to Skipper. He smiles, and carefully holds it with both paws.

She tells the fox thank you. They then both walk back out to the van. Tammy smiles as she see's Skipper holding a fresh cup of soda, then licks her ice cream. Mother skunk helps him into his seat, and seatbelt. Then takes her seat. Poppa skunk says, Everyone ready? They all respond yes. He then starts the van, and pulls out. Heading for the freeway.

As the van enters the stream of traffic of the freeway heading for the city. Tammy finishes her ice cream cone with a crunch. She then relaxes with a smile, as she thinks about Robby.. Skipper slurps the last of his soda. He then nibbles on the ice that's left. He asks his dad. Are we about home yet? Poppa skunk smiles, and says soon.. Skipper places the empty cup in a trash bag.

Mother skunk smiles as the exit for their road comes into view. She turns to say, and notices both kids are asleep. She then says it's good to be almost home dear. He smiles, Yes it is.. He turns onto the exit ramp, then down fox street for home..

Tammy wakes up as the van slows for the turns. She looks out just as their home comes into view.. Just as Poppa skunk turns into the driveway. She pokes Skipper, and says. Hey squirt we are home. He yawns, and rubs his eyes as Tammy climbs out.. Mother skunk tells Skipper to help his father. Tammy grabs the towels, and stuff she brought. Then follows her mother into the house..

Poppa skunk hands Skipper the basket after this he picks up the cooler. He locks the van then follows Skipper into the house.. Mother skunk puts the food away, and tells skipper to take a bath before he goes to bed. He awws ok, and heads for the bathroom. Tammy shouts, don't leave the soap on the floor again.. He giggles as he closes the door.

Poppa skunk grins at his wife.. I think we started the day this way. She nods. Yes dear. But it was a wonderful outing. She gives him a kiss on the nose. Then they both head for their bedroom.

The End.

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